The antiquated Chinese wisdom is worthwhile to follow for a healthy and happy life. The essential tip is that age should not be made an obstacle in your objective of a healthy life. What’s more, don’t belittle yourself by simply considering what is your age.


For a great life one needs to make a customary routine of activity, regardless of season it is or time of the day.  One needs to think positive and while doing outward exercises be charged with the feeling of inhaling the sweet scents of nature –  the trees and grass.



Select eatables such as rice, tea and one can include meat with vegetables so you can eat a sound diet loaded with starches and proteins. The main objective to have a selective diet is to keep your kidney warm and a cool head.  Such care leads to a happy life which also ensures that one temperamentally remains calm and importantly be able to make sound judgment.


Besides dietary tips, the Chinese wisdom is also about remaining joyful by laughing and forgetting the bad times. Which leads to positive thinking and also makes a person gentle and thereby calm. Ultimately, a calm life leads to a healthier life.


Last essential tip of Chinese wisdom is to Love everyone and give due consideration to ones who cannot love.



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