The 3rd Pakistan Golf Federation Inter-Club Golf Tournament 2022 to figure out and ascertain the champion golf club of the country for 2022 will be played at par 72, 18 holes Islamabad Golf Course from Friday, 30th September.

As per the format of this championship, golf club teams comprising twenty members in categories – Amateurs (4), Senior Amateurs (4), Ladies (3), Junior Boys up to 18 years (3), Junior Boys up to 15 years (3) and Junior Girls under 21 years (3), will engage in a golf playing battle at the provincial level and thereafter the prime one from each province becomes fittingly entitled to compete against the foremost ones from other provinces.

The qualified golf clubs for the finals are Karachi Golf Club from Sindh, Peshawar Golf Club from Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa, Islamabad Golf Club from Federal Territory, and Lahore Garrison Golf Club from Punjab. Golfing body of the Province of Baluchistan is still in the process of assembling a twenty-member team and the likelihood is that from 2023 they will be energetically represented.

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Interclub Concept Initiative

The introduction of this competing format two years back represents an ingenious initiative on the part of the Pakistan Golf Federation as it persuaded golf clubs all over the country to extend the search for talent beyond amateur and senior amateurs to ladies, junior girls, and boys also and this required a strenuous effort. Though initial setbacks were faced, the effort has brought to the fore some befitting talent.

The rational and reliable team members this year are Amna Amjad, Mehr Maqbool (girls up to 21 years), Samir Feroz, Abdullah Ansar and Sameer Sayeed (boys 15 to 18 years), and Shayan Zia Ehsan Nawab (up to 15 years) for the Karachi Golf Club Team.

Similarly, names that stand out for Federal Team in these categories are Zarmina Khan, Shazmina Khan (girls up to 21 years), Hamad Ali, Syed Ali Musa Wasti, Rayyan Baig (junior boys 15 -18 years ), Azan Usman, Hamza Waheed, Shafay Ahsan Khan (boys up to 15 years ).

As for Lahore Garrison Greens, the teenagers vying for subscribing to achievement are Bushra Fatima, Hadiya Osama, Adina Ataullah (girls up to 21 years), Tayyab Tahir, Jamshaid Matloob, Yahya Ahsan (junior boys 15-18 years), and Muhammed Rayyan Ilyas, Muhammed Mikail Osman, Abdul Rahim Osman (junior boys up to 15 years).

And KPK has teamed up with Rameen Amin, Sara Amin (girls up to 21 years ), Laraib ur Rehman, Adnan Bukhari, Muhammad Darmal (junior boys up to 21 years ), and Atta ur Rehman, Arbab Luqman Khan, Muhammed Danial (boys upto 15 years).

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Prize Money – Form Of Play

The form of play will be stroke play gross and the club team that emerges as the champion team will earn a cash prize of Rupees 2.5 Million. An addition this year is that the runner-up team will get Rs 500,000. The prize money is required to be spent on junior golf development.

Prominent amateurs representing Karachi Golf Club are Saim Shazli, Yashal Shazli, M.A.Mannan, and Omar Khalid, all names known on the national golf scene. Senior amateurs with an experienced touch are Shahid Habib, Khurram Khan, Altaf Hashwani, and the nationally recognized Asad I. A. Khan. Prominent ladies from Karachi are Tabassum Sharif, Nida Aarfeen, and Durdana Soomro.

All out for a remarkable show are Federal amateur category team members Salman Khan, Fawad Trimazi, Shumail Aziz, Hamza Sheikh, and senior-amateurs like the legendary Taimoor Hassan who in his youthful days has been national amateur champion 17 times. Seniors supporting him are Tariq Akbar, Ibrar Khan, and Qaiser Hassan. Leading ladies appearing as members of the Islamabad team are Zeenat Ayesha, Rukhsana Shahid, and Tehmina Ahmed.

Garrison team has in its ranks able amateurs like Capt Zain, Ahmed Sultan Kayani, Damil Ataullah, Nouman Ilyas, and notable seniors like Asif Mehdi, Ikram ul Haq, Muhammed Shafi, Tariq Mehmood. Paramount playing ladies are Ghazala Yasmin, former ladies champion, Suneya Osama, and Zahida Durrani.

KPK has fielded quite a potent combination and includes Qayum  Bukhari, Waqasullah, Umer Shah, Taimoor Durrani,(amateurs ), Shahadat Hussain, Dr. Arshad Javed, Abdul Haq, and Col Saud (senior amateurs ), and Dr. Ghazala Shams and Sadia Askar (ladies).

The Tournament Director of this Championship is Colonel (r) Arshad Saeed Kundi, Chief Referee is Lt Colonel (r) Zahid Iqbal, and Malik Kamran is responsible for draws and scores. 

Team Captains are CDRE Ghazanfar Abbas (Sind), Taimur Hassan Amin (Federal ), Lt Colonel (r) Asif Mehdi (Lahore Garrison Greens), and Wing Commander Ehtisham Ali Manzoor (KPK).