A ‘Tired’ Truck Resting on Roadside

A 'Tired' Truck
A ‘Tired’ Truck Resting on Roadside  –  Courtesy: Mr. Asad  /  Allsportspk

The traditional-carrier truck, a mascot of Pakistani culture, known for its peculiar art and craft is often spotted shipping goods across the country, enhancing its beauty. The truck is normally identified by the sprinkle of cosmetics on its face and etchings grooved with extreme perfection. Well perhaps this is why the truck, startled by its own beauty, made a plan to pose for a photograph in a queer way.

It may be a case of a truck tired of dosing on petrol and working while others bath in the sun in this chilling winter. It seems as if the ‘stunt-performer’ truck is fed up of a busy routine and has decided to take rest in an open field. Or perhaps the truck was a marathon-participant and has decided to quit the race to enjoy the sun. Imaginably it has decided to pose for a perfect photo in a fine evening with a pole in the background.

As in the picture it can be observed that the road-side is damp and rough, it comes in one’s mind that the inversion of the truck was due to the very reason. The four-wheeler has fully survived the misadventure, turning it into an adventure for the ones sighting the final position of the truck -upside down. One wonders how articulate the timing and balancing of the rolling of the truck might have been, so as to result in such an atypical stunning end-product.

The sight seems to have been ensued from a rash drive on a muddy road but has turned out to be a glimpse of humour sent down by the Mother Nature. Well whatever the case might be, the scene triggers a funny and startling wave among the viewers. The tumbled vehicle seems to have attracted a unusual mob to capture the perplexing scene, as it looks like the truck is ready to ride on the ‘sky-roads.’

Although, the fate of the driver remains a mystery – did he survive and rest or was arrested!

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