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Allsportspk.com is the first comprehensive, portal on International and Pakistan sports. It represents an up to date and holistic view of the latest sports news, information and updates. Adhering to ethical, creative and intelligent journalism, Allsportspk.com strictly, ethically and professionally follows the respectable principles of journalism.

Editorial Guidelines - Ethics

To preserve editorial independence from commercial pressures, AllSportspk.com takes strict measures to maintain its integrity cum independence and thereby, shares the following information and practices:

Allsportspk.com – Financial Information and Practices:

  • AllSportspk.com has no shareholding and investment in any other businesses.
  • AllSportspk.com earns its income from companies seeking to advertise their products, services and brands.
  • AllSportspk.com is not altering its editorial content according to advertisers' wishes, nor to avoid covering topics that may be sensitive for advertisers.
  • AllSportspk.com will not take payments of any sort for basic coverage.

AllSportspk.com – Editorial staff and Journalist members:

  • Abide by and are overseen according to a strict conflict-of-interest policy relating to personal economic cum financial activity.
  • Have no involvement in the creation of advertising content.
  • Do not accept undisclosed paid trips or gifts that might influence their coverage. However, if a trip is covered by a client, advertiser or any other individual or company, then the trip cost will be disclosed.

Editorial Guidelines - Published Works


  • Writers and/or Contributors are requested to adhere to the editorial policy and work guidelines, thereby, to maintain certain standards and quality original material is preferred.
  • English is the main language.
  • Topic should be well-defined and logically structured.
  • Concise writing (500-700 words) is preferred. Allsportspk.com editorial team has the right to edit if required.
  • Objective writing style is preferred.
  • Specify if the material has been published in another publication.
  • Authentic source must be attributed if necessary.
  • Include a brief profile about yourself.
  • Include content-related suitable pictures (having legal rights) that would support in the best presentation of a work.
  • Allsportspk.com has the right to include or not any work.
  • All works should be emailed to: editorial@allsportspk.com.

Kindly note that the content Allsportspk.com website and mobile content are regularly developed. Thereby, new Service and features are frequently included and this agreement may thus, be revised and updated on constant basis. Therefore, it is vital to regularly refer back to this page.

Advertising Guidelines

These Guidelines present standards that oversee AllSportspk.com relationship with its advertising partners and the relationship between editorial and advertising content. The prime consideration is that AllSportspk.com must maintain its editorial integrity and the trust of its readers.

AllSports.com management believes that adhering to these Guidelines is important to have transparency and trust existing among a publication, its readers, and its advertisers.

AllSportspk.com management does understand that the in course of business the stated Guidelines may not be able to cover all the arising situations or concerns. Hence, as a policy these Guidelines will be reviewed and amended as required. As strong believers in ongoing learning process the Allsportspk.com management welcomes suggestions, comments and healthy criticism.

The Guidelines appended below relate to all advertisements and sponsored content appearing in Allsportspk.com:


  • An Advertiser must ensure that their advertisement comply with all applicable laws and regulations – in case it is not the case then AllSportspk.com has the right to decline or remove the advertisement.
  • AllSportspk.com does not compromise its editorial honour by allowing any kind of unethical relationship with an advertiser.
  • Any advertisement which AllSportspk.com considers damaging for its reputation maybe declined or removed.
  • It is essential that all advertising content must be evidently distinct between editorial material and advertising.
  • Advertising examples which do not conform to AllSportspk.com policy are:
  • Advertising which does not conform to Faith, Social and Cultural values.
  • Advertisement which is offensive, provoking, vulgar, indicative, or disrespectful.
  • Advertising that contains content which promotes hate.
  • Advertising of products or services, which are illegal e.g. drugs, alcohol.
  • Advertising which represents a personal attack against any entity, society, or country.


This privacy policy specifies that when you visit and use www.allsportspk.com how any information that you provide is used and protected. If you are asked to provide any specific information by which you can be identified when using this website, then you can be assured that it will only be used in accordance with this privacy statement. Allsportspk.com is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. This policy may be changed. Thereby, it is recommended that you should regularly revisit this page. The existing policy is effective from 1st December 2015.

Allsportspk will ONLY collect information which is specifically provided by you, and will only use that information for the reason you have agreed. Except as described in this Privacy Policy, we do not maintain any personal information obtained from users through this website in a retrievable form.

The Information Collected
Allsportspk only collects the email address information when you join our mailing list.

You may wish to contact us from time to time by sending us letters or emails on our websites. We will only use this information to respond to your query or suggestion.

Purpose of Collecting the Information
Allsportspk.com does not divulge the information collected from you through this website to third parties. It will primarily be used for providing you any updates or alerts.

To ensure that your information is secure Allsportspk has put in place all possible security procedures.

Links to other websites
Allsportspk.com contain slinks to other websites which you may visit. If you have used these links to leave www.allsportspk.com, it should be noted that www.allsportspk.com does not have any control over the other websites. Thus, www.allsportspk.com is not responsible for the protection and privacy of any information which you provide while visiting such sites, and such sites are not administered by this privacy statement.

Copyrights and Permissions

Thank you for taking interest in wanting to use the content from www.allsportspk.com. The content CANNOT be used without prior written consent. However, AllSportspk.com web pages links may be created / published on the internet with credit to AllSportspk.com unless otherwise specified.

The content of third party websites or any other sources which are used as part of knowledge attaining process are controlled and maintained by others and are not the responsibility or do not constitute any endorsement by AllSportspk.com.

All possible efforts have been made to ensure that the reproduced content is used with consent of copyright owners or proper courtesy is given. However, there may be some material where rights holders are untraceable or is taken from an open source. In case you are the true / copyright owner of any of the contents and do not approve the use of your content kindly address any queries or concerns to: admin@allsportspk.com.

The use of AllSportspk.com logo is restricted. Nonetheless, a thumbnail graphic of the AllSportspk.com logo may be used i.e. if you are interested to create a link of AllSportspk.com website on your website, blog page, etc.


The website www.allsportspk.com is presented in accordance with its primary mission of disseminating knowledgeable information. The quality of the information presented on the website is monitored continuously. However, Allsportspk.com does not guarantee, and disclaims, all legal liability whatsoever arising from or connected to, the accuracy, reliability, currency or completeness of any materials contained on this website including advertising or on any linked site. The website includes materials which are the opinions or recommendations of/from external websites/third parties and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Allsportspk.,com. It is recommended that the users exercise their own skills and ensure that the decisions they make are according to their own judgement.