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Advertising Guidelines

These Guidelines present standards that oversee AllSportspk.com relationship with its advertising partners and the relationship between editorial and advertising content. The prime consideration is that AllSportspk.com must maintain its editorial integrity and the trust of its readers. AllSports.com management believes that adhering to these Guidelines is important to have transparency and trust existing among a publication, its readers, and its advertisers.

AllSportspk.com management does understand that the in course of business the stated Guidelines may not be able to cover all the arising situations or concerns. Hence as a policy these Guidelines will be reviewed and amended as required. As strong believers in ongoing learning process the Allsportspk.com management welcomes suggestions, comments and healthy criticism

The Guidelines appended below relate to all advertisements and sponsored content appearing in all publications of Tmrworld Publications:

  • An Advertisers must ensure that their advertisement comply with all applicable laws and regulations in case it is not the case then AllSportspk.com has the right to decline or remove the advertisement.
  • AllSportspk.com does not compromise its editorial honour by allowing any kind of unethical relationship with an advertiser.
  • Any advertisement which AllSportspk.com considers damaging for its reputation maybe declined or removed.
  • It is essential that all advertising content must be evidently distinct between editorial material and advertising.
  •  Advertising examples which do not conform to AllSportspk.com policy are:

– Advertising that contains content which promotes hate. Advertising which does not conform to social and  cultural values.

– Advertisement which is offensive, provoking, vulgar, indicative, or disrespectful.

– Advertising of products or services, which are illegal e.g. drugs, alcohol.

– Advertising which represents a personal attack against any entity,society, or country.

Kindly note that the content of www.allsportspk.com Website and Mobile Content are regularly developed. Thereby, New Service and features are frequently included and this agreement may thus be revised and updated on constant basis. Therefore, it is vital to regularly refer back to this page.

Advertisement Opportunities

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