Allsportspk Fitness Corner: How To Be Fit And Train Like An Athlete?

From running countless miles, lifting heavy weights to performing inhuman stunts; This is the perspective of a normal person when he thinks of an athlete in general. 

However, every professional athlete no matter what sport he plays has to go at great lengths to gain a competitive advantage over other athletes. 

Whether the goal is to build muscle, improving agility or gaining speed, dominating in training and having the mental mindset is what a sportsperson strives for every day.

Can a Normal Person Become Super-Fit Like an Athlete? 

Short Answer: Yes. 

Long Answer:Many parameters come in play and most importantly, it’s a long journey. You see an athlete has a particular goal in his mind and it is what drives him to follow a set pattern that allows him to enhance is athletic performance on the field. 

So, the first step to being fit as an athlete is have a goal in your mind. 

Setting a Goal 

What do you want to achieve? Are you too skinny and want to gain muscle? Or are you over-weight and want to lose fat? Or maybe you just want to maintain your bodyweight. 

Knowing what you want from your training is the first benchmark in goal-setting. 

 Proper Nutrition 


“Abs –  Abdominals are made in the kitchen.” So, if you want to train like an athlete you also have to eat like one. 

Again, depending on your goal you have to consume the right amount of calories and the protein, carbs and fats should be set in the proper amount in order to achieve results. 

How Does an Athlete Perceive the Concept of Nutrition? 

A professional sportsman treats his body like a machine. He is aware that if a machine is fed the wrong type of oil or even overloaded with the right type of oil, chances are that the machine won’t work at top-level. 

Excellence cannot be achieved through mediocrity so the principle of quality over quantity should be always be in your focus when you are consuming your nutrition. 

Train Like an Athlete 

Now, that the nutrition part is covered, training comes into the picture. An athlete has to train several hours daily to perform on the field, but it is only achieved through proper training. 

So, below are some of the ways that can help you to not only train like an athlete but also think like one. Happy Training! 

 Compound Movements 


If you follow any sport diligently, chances are you might have heard of these movements. If not, then read ahead. 

What are Compound Movements? 

Compound Movements are those exercises in which more than one muscle of your body is used while training. 

These include both bodyweight exercises like squats, pushups, pullups, running etc. as well as those which you can perform with gym equipment like deadlifts, overhead press, bench press etc. 

Every athlete performs these movements in his training session as they have a load amount of benefits. 

Benefits of Compound Movements 

These movements will not only build a particular muscle but also build overall strength and will also help to diffuse certain weaknesses in your body. 

Moreover, if you are looking to lose fat, compound exercises are the best way of doing it as when you engage more than one muscle in your body you burn more calories than normal. 

 Training with a Partner 


This is an important mantra that you have to follow if you want to train like an athlete. As, normally athletes do not workout alone. They exercise as a team as this helps them keep their motivation up at all times.  

So, it is a good practice if you have someone preferably your friend with you whom you can train with. This will allow you be consistent and achieve better results from your workouts. 

 Explosive Exercises 


Improving performance has a direct link with doing explosive exercises. Movements like jumping or doing short sprints or even doing exercises in a timed environment can result in improving your overall athleticism. 

Want to Gain Muscle? Do Explosive Exercises. 

If you are a skinny guy like me and gaining muscle is your main goal then your answer lies in doing explosive exercises. The reason behind this simple. 

As when you perform a quick or explosive exercise your muscles receive the necessary shock and a healthy tissue burst happens. 

This is when you allow your body to recover and the recovered muscle in this case grows significantly which in allows you to pack on muscle on your body. 

Setting a Training Frequency and Proper Recovery 

Human body has its limits. This should be kept in mind especially if you are just starting out in training. Although 4 to 6 times is more than enough for anyone.

However, consulting a certified professional trainer is the best path that you can take as everybody is different in coping up with training. 

Recovery; Why is it so Important? 

So, now that you have learned how to train like an athlete, recovery is the last step for you to take. As, a proper recovery not only reduces your chances of getting injured, it also enhances your athletic performance. 

Plus, it also allows you to remain fit throughout the year. Also, recovery does not only come from resting the body rather practicing active recovery is also a technique practiced by many athletes. 

So, What is Active Recovery? 

Engaging in low-intensity workouts like walking or dynamic warm-up routines increase the blood flow in your body without causing soreness. Experts also hold the opinion that doing nothing at all is the worst way of recovering your exhausted muscles. 

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