Allsportspk Health Tips: Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Is life as complicated or problematic as it seems in the world of today? Allsportspk psychologist and research does not agree with this assessment. Yes! many of us experience different moods – good or bad but what we need to understand is the balancing factor. And to create the balance, one technique is to believe in the old proverb – Laughter Is The Best Medicine.

To deal with problematic conditions, many seek external psychological and medical help. But if one is able to believe in the proverb, then new techniques and practices such as “Laughter Therapy” need to be tried out.

In many cases such therapy’s help to reduce anxiety, depression, and stress and create the required balance. The scientific reason behind stress relief due to laughter activities is that laughing increase Oxygen level in the blood as it includes deep breathing. Moreover, it controls many diseases like high blood pressure, heart disease, irritability, insomnia, anxiety, depression, allergic disorders, and migraine headaches, as well as aches and pains due to arthritis, cervical spondylitis, and backache.

These techniques have become so popular that Laughter clubs have gained prominence. They are practiced in different ways such as Laughter Yoga.

Yoga Technique

In Laughter Yoga the instructor explains and makes the participants practice the following six different laughter exercises:

  • Silent Laughter: Lean Your Head back and laugh silently
  • Hmm Laughter: Laugh with the closed mouth
  • Argument Laughter: Laugh in an argument way
  • Self-Laughter: Laugh at your own self
  • Paycheck Laughter: Laugh at seeing the numbers on the paycheck
  • Free Laugh: Fake laugh in a freeway

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Furthermore, the laughter yoga also helps to deep breath which is a true inner strength and fitness workout.

Dance Technique

Stress release can also be done by doing an interesting type of dance known as Ho Ho Ha Ha Grounding Dance. The participants with the background drum music are instructed to move their hands in a certain sequence by saying Ho Ho and downwards by bending their knees saying Ha Ha.

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The participants of laughter yoga and Ho Ho Ha Ha Dance believe that the therapy makes them feel relieved and helps them let go of negative energy.

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