Allsportspk Nutrition: The Secrets Of Natural Food

The human body runs by a complex metabolic system requiring fuel in the form essential molecules (protein, carbohydrates, lipids, vitamins & minerals) which are needed for the proper functioning of body and are called life molecules. Fascinatingly, all these life molecules are naturally present in plant products e.g. fruits, vegetables, herbs and grains. Including these in your regular diet not only fulfills the requirement of body but also prevent and cure many illnesses such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

The Divines – Mother nature miraculously comprises of everything that a human being needs for an healthy life, but all we need to do is explore the enigmas hidden in it. The visual representation of how nature provides us beneficial food is expressed in the video, conferring the secrets behind the natural food.

It explains different types of natural foods and their respective medical benefits cum cures.

Interestingly, a unique aspect which the Divine creator has included in the design of all the natural nutritional foodstuffs is that they are similar in shape to the organ on which it affects such as walnut resembles the brain structure.

  • Let’s start from the brain which is the vital organ responsible of all the physiological and biochemical tasks performed by the body. Walnut boosts memory and power up brain functions.
  • Almond, resembling the eye shape, contains vitamin E which helps to reduce the worsening of age-related macular degeneration. Moreover, the vision power of eye can also be improved by consuming carrots-having rounded tip as the shape of lens of eye. Vitamin A in carrot helps the retina and other parts of eye to function smoothly.
  • Coriander is advantageous for hair as it supplies adequate nutrients to the hair follicles and makes the scalp healthy. Furthermore, coriander is extremely useful for strengthening hair roots and prevents hair loss.
  • Banana contains vitamin B9 as known as folate which works as antidepressant and can cheer your mood.
  • Our ear has a complicated assembly of 3 tiny bones responsible for the transmission of sound from surrounding to the brain. Mushroom contains vitamin D which is good for ear bones.
  • Illnesses related to heart such as blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases can be prevented by consumption of Garlic. Tomato is also good for heart as it contains lycopene which lowers the bad cholesterol and triglyceride level in blood. It also helps lower stroke risk.
  • Grapes are also a natural food and look like the alveoli of lungs. Eating grapes help to reduce the risk of lung cancer and emphysema.
  • Celery strengthens bones and replenishes skeletal needs by its source of sodium.
  • Apple and Pomegranate both prevent breast cancer. Apple contains fiber and pomegranate inhibits the enzyme causing breast cancer.
  • Pear contains pectin which helps the liver to digest fats and cholesterol.
  • Sweet potato is good for pancreas as it boosts pancreatic function as well as lowering the instance of pancreatic cancer by 50%.
  • Digestive issues are the root of all diseases and yet it can be cure by using a root such as ginger. Ginger is also a natural food and is very effective in alleviating discomfort and pain in the stomach.
  • As the name indicates, kidney beans contribute to overall kidney health.
  • Avocado, shaped like the uterus and cervix, improves fertility. Figs increase fertility as it contains a lot of iron which is necessary for healthy ovulation. Figs also increase the sperm mobility and sperm count as well as overcome male sterility.
  • Okra is the key food for bones as it contains vitamin K which aids the bones to absorb calcium and prevents osteoporosis.
  • The generation of cell the structural and functional unit of the body requires fiber and folic acid. Onion is the great source of folic acid and fiber and it helps the body to produce healthy cells.
  • Potato benefits the skin in many ways. Skin problems such as dry skin and eczema can be treated by using oats.
  • Broccoli helps reducing the risk of cancer by 45% especially prostate cancer.
  • Ginseng is a magical special root that is beneficial of all ailments. It energizes and sharpens the mind of its regular consumers

All these food products are beneficial in some way but one thing should keep in mind that these food only helps when taken in required quantity as excess of everything is bad for health.

The published content is only for informational purposes, therefore, it should not be construed as a final health and fitness advice. Even if the content is correct the readers and/or users are advised to seek professional medical advice. Never ignore or delay a professional medical advice because of something you have read or seen.

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