Allsportspk-World Polo Rankings: As On 20th March 2023 | Argentinian’s Swamp Pro’s Category

These Polo rankings are issued by WPT-World Polo Tour.

  • The World Polo Tour is an independent company that ranks the performance of polo tournaments and polo players during the year. The level of a polo player is based on his individual handicap. The handicap is granted by each national polo association.

Allsportspk publishes selected sections(s).


The publication date may not conform to the official Ranking date(s). Thereby, the official Ranking dates if any will be mentioned along with the Ranking data and/or each category.

Polo Professionals Ranking

1Cambiaso, AdolfoArgentina871
2Pieres, FacundoArgentina837
3Cambiaso, Adolfo jrArgentina814
4Castagnola, CamiloArgentina750
5Nero, Juan MartinArgentina728
6Pieres, PabloUnited States713
7Castagnola, Bartolome jrArgentina693
8Ulloa, HilarioArgentina633
9Stirling Jr., DavidUruguay623
10Elizalde, FranciscoArgentina612


Al Hyder, Hissam


359Mawaz, HamzaPakistan 05
World Polo Tour/Allsportspk

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