Benazir Bhutto Tennis Championships continued today on 17th December, with few semifinals and quarterfinals having
been played.

The finals of U-18 Girls, U-10 Boys and Girls, U-14 Girls and Men Doubles along with certain Semifinals are scheduled to be played on Saturday, 18th December while semifinal of other events will be played as well. Further, the Final of Men’s singles will be played on Sunday at 1:30pm while other finals will be played at 10:30am.

Men’s Singles Matches-Quarter Final Round
Aqeel Khan bt Barkat Ullah 6-4, 6-4; Mohammad Shoaib bt Heera Ashiq 6-2, 6-4; Muzammil Murtaza bt Mudassir Murtaza 6-0, 6-3; Yousaf Khalil bt Mohammad Abid 6-4, 6-4.

Men’s Doubles Matches-Semi Final Round
Aqeel Khan/Mohammad Abid bt Usman Ejaz/Shahzad Khan 6-0, 6-4; Heera Ashiq/Yousaf Khalil bt Muzammil Murtaza/Mudasir Murtaza 6-4, 3-6, 10-6.

Ladies Singles Matches-Semi Final Round
Sarah Mahboob bt Hania Navid 6-0, 6-1; Ushna Suhail bt Sheeza Sajid 6-0, 6-0.

Boys U-18 Singles Matches-Quarter Final Round
Hamid Israr bt Nalain Abbas 6-1, 6-1; Mohammad Talha Khan bt Faizan Fayyaz 6-4, 6-2; Abdullah Adnan bt Mahatir Muhammad 6-7(5), 6-3, 6-4; Mohammad Huzaifa Khan bt Ahmed Nael 7-5, 6-2.

Girls U-18 Singles Matches-Semi Final Round
Amna Ali Qayum bt Saher Aleem 6-1, 6-1; Sheeza Sajid bt Sara Pervaiz 6-0, 6-0.

Boys U-14 Singles Matches-Quarter Final Round
Asad Zaman bt Zohaib Afzal 4-0, 4-0; Mohammad Ibrahim Ashraf bt Hamza Roman 5-3, 4-2; Mohammad Salaar bt Abdullah 5-3, 5-3; Ali Zain bt Mohammad Haziq Aasim 3-5, 5-3, 4-0.

Girls U-14 Singles Matches-Semi Final Round
Zunaisha Noor bt Lalarukh Sajid 4-1, 4-0; Amna Ali Qayum bt Zara Khan 4-1, 4-1.

Boy’s/Girl’s U-12 Singles Matches-2nd Round
Mahrukh Sajid bt Eesa Fahad 0-4, 4-2, 5-4(2); Mohammad Haziq Aasim bt Zohaib Afzal 4-1, 4-1, Syed Hamza bt Nabil Ali Qayum 1-0, Rtd.
Quarter Final Round
Samer Zaman bt Abdur Rehman 4-1, 4-1; Hamza Roman bt Mohammad Hassan Usmani 4-0, 5-3; Abdul Basit bt Syed Hamza 4-1,2-4,4-2; Mohammad Haziq Aasim bt Mahrukh Sajid 4-0, 4-0.

Boy’s/Girl’s U-10 Singles Matches-Semi Final Round
Shayan Afridi bt Abdur Rehman 3-5, 4-1, 4-2; Abdul Wasay bt Hajra Sohail 0-4, 4-3, 4-1.


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