Cape Town – The Cape Town Cycle Tour saw it’s 40th event happen in 40 years and it witnessed 35,000 cyclists who took part in this event. All went fine except for two accidents that took the life of a 40-year old cyclist and another male cyclist.

The first accident unfolded as after a brutal pile-up in the cycling race, a 40-year old male cyclist who was involved in the accident could not cope up and died during the event.

The accident happened on Wynberg hill and 20 other cyclists were involved in it, however no one died except the 40-year old who suffered from various injures, although medical attention was provided to him at the scene but his injuries proved too fatal for him to survive.

The second cyclist died of a heart attack at Smitswinkel. Authorities of this race informed the respective families of the cyclists and also offered their condolences on this tragic event.

Apart from that race went according to plan and the men’s race was won by Nolan Hoffman who took 2 hours 37 minutes and 30 seconds to win the race while Kimberley Le Court De Billot took the 1st position in the women’s event.


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