Corporate Support For Emerging¬†Football¬†Players:Balochistan’s – Jadid¬†Khan¬†

Balochistan's emerging talent
Pakistan Football: Balochistan’s emerging talent – Jadid Khan – Photo -File

In Chaman, Balochistan, every open patch of grass or concrete yard is a potential field of dreams where aspiring football players play to serve their passion. 30years old Jadid Khan Рthe rising star from Balochistan belongs to the same group, daring to conquer his passion, come what may. 

Jadid who plays for Afghan FC Chaman and is a talented striker, considers the brilliant Neyma as his favourite player. He wishes to emulate his football hero who rose from the streets of São Paulo, Brazil, to become one of the best players in the world. Playing non-stop for the last 20 years, what Jadid awaits is an opportunity. The budding footballer idealises football greats like Ronaldo and Neymar, who also started in the dirt lots of their poor neighbourhoods.

Ufone recognizes such players like Jadid and many like him. With an aim to revolutionize football in the country and reinforce the passionate youth at the grassroots with the power of sportsmanship, Ufone organizes a football tournament in Balochistan every year. The tournament is a platform for the budding young footballers to hone their skills and passion for the game, while competing with the best. 

The Ufone managements goal is to facilitate these upcoming players and equip them with necessary life skills, while enhancing their fitness, providing proper coaching, and developing their self-confidence to represent Pakistan nationally and internationally. Ufone realizes the need for this, to revive football in Pakistan, while recognizing these aspiring footballers and their passion to play. 

Thus, the Ufone football¬†tournament encourages talented players through grass roots initiatives¬†while¬†providing¬†them¬†a path for their professional career development.¬†The third edition of the tournament this year witnessed a participation of over 720 young footballers ‚Äď all dreaming to play for the country one day¬†‚Äď Ufone believes many will!

The country mostly passionate about cricket, now seems to be gradually inclining towards football, especially after the FIFA World Cup. Hopefullly, the likes of Jadid end up becoming the torchbearers of Pakistan football, given the right support and opportunities as is the case with Ufone. 

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