Barry’s, Diamond Paints and 4 Corps won the opening day matches of the Corps Commander Polo Cup 2021, at the JPF-Jinnah Polo Fields ground.  

A gallantly galloping horse during a match at Jinnah Polo Fields, Lahore, Pakistan – Allsportspk

Barry’s Vs Faisal Funds

The first match of the day proved to be a nail-biting encounter, where both the teams matched fire-with-fire and fought till the end and after a tough battle, Barry’s emerged as title winners against Faisal Funds with a narrow margin of 7½-7.  

Ernesto Oscar Trotz played key role in Barry’s victory as he was superb with his mallet and pony and smashed in fabulous four goals while his teammate Hamza Mawaz Khan also remained instrumental in his side’s win with his convincing contribution of three tremendous goals, while they had also a half goal handicap advantage. The other side’s contribution came from Tomas Reinoso, Waqas Khan and Sheikh Muhammad Raffay – all pumped in two goals each.  

Glimpse of a match at Jinnah Polo Fields, Lahore, Pakistan – Allsportspk

Sheikhoo Steel/Diamond Paints Vs Master Paints

The second match of the day also proved to be a thrilling one, where Sheikhoo Steel/Diamond Paints and Master Paints were equal at 7-all by the end of the fourth chukker and the match was then decided in the sudden death chukker, where Andres Fernandez Lorentte converted the match-winning goal and guided Sheikhoo Steel/Diamond Paints to a well-deserving 8-7 triumph.  

Both Saqib Khan Khakwani and Andres Fernandez Lorentte were the heroes of the day as they not only played superb polo from the winning side but also contributed with a quartet each to guide their side to a close victory. On the other hand, the losing side’s contributions came from Bilal Haye (4 goals), Evan Power (2 goals) and Agha Musa Ali Khan (1 goal).  

4 Corps Vs BN Polo/Diamond Paints

Raja Sami Ullah fired in four goals to steer 4 Corps to a narrow 5-4 win over BN Polo/Diamond Paints in the third and last match of the day. Besides Raja Sami Ullah’s four goals, Haider Naseem was the only player who converted one goal from the winning team. From the losing side, Ahmed Ali Tiwana banged in two goals while Abdul Rehman Monnoo and Mir Shoaib Ahmed struck one goal apiece.

On Wednesday, 1st December, three matches will be contested at Jinnah Polo Fields.  


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