The First Defence Raya Open Squash Championship 2022 moves into the final phase after fiercely contested semifinals matches brought to the forefront Tayyab Aslam and Ahmed Amin who have trained every day religiously for the past few months.

In particular Ahmed Amin is an analytical player and is always playing a thinking mans game. He successfully moves his opponent about the squash court with awkward lobs, drops, angles and soft high clinging drives which the rival is unable to get hold of. And the rival is at a complete loss about where the ball is going and the resultant return is a smashed to perfection by the opponent.

In his semifinal match against M. Farhan, while Ahmed Amin was absolutely overwhelming with his style of play and what ultimately shifted the tilt in his favour is the pace of play and killer instinct. As for M. Farhan he did produce some amazing shots but as luck would have it, quite a few of them hit the tin. The semi final lasted 29 minutes and ultimate semi final score in favour of Ahmed Amin was 11-7, 11-5, 6-11 and 11-9. Ahmed Amin certainly thrilled with his rhythm and timing 

In  the other semifinal clash between Tayyab Aslam and Uzair Rasheed, the weeded out Uzair played with intensity but found Tayyab Aslam a real path finder, whose strategy was brilliance and timing. Though Uzair Rasheed looked in dominating form Tayyab Aslam disposed off his opponent with ingredients like disguise, angles and deception. Undoubtedly Uzair was full of spiritedness and vibrancy but could not neutralise the movement pace of Tayyab Aslam. This semi final lasted almost thirty minutes and semifinal scores were 11-5, 11-3, 9-11 and 11-4.

Playing conditions at the Defence Raya Squash Courts were facilitating and participating players enjoyed the experience supervised by Punjab Squash Association. The final will be played between Ahmed Amin and Tayyab Aslam at Defence Raya Squash Courts at 3pm on Tuesday.


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