The FPF Peruvian Football Federation fears banning of nine Liga 1 matches in Peru, as a threat for Peru’s qualification for the FIFA World Cup 2022.

Recently, the Prime Minister of Peru, put a ban on 9 games of Liga 1 tournament, after the riots broke out at the end of the first match between Cantalao and Universitario, which ended in draw.

Although, the Liga 1 was decided to be held without spectators but thousands of fans came to the National Stadium in Lima to watch the match and celebrate the 96th Anniversary of the club. Thereafter, the spectators started fireworks and engaged in violations of the social distancing rule. As a result the Peruvian Sports Institute supported by the Prime Minister suspended 9 games which were to be held due to violations of COVID-19 safety restrictions. Peru is the 3rd worst hit country in South America.

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According to FPF sporting director Juan Carlos Oblitas, “This situation has reduced chances of Peru’s qualification for the World Cup 2022 to be held in Qatar. Without practice through tournaments like Liga 1, the Peru’s team would be in weaker position as compared to its competitors.”

The South American Football Confederation’s World Cup qualifying tournament is set to start in October. For this Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay after corona virus shut downs have restarted their sports activities but Peru is facing problems.


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