Premier League will also be paying respect and showing solidarity for the black American George Floyd, who murderously died in police custody.

After a lapse of three-month the Premier League commences without spectators on 17th June.

At the restarted of the season the following gestural protocols will be observed:

  • The names of Premier League players’ on the back of their shirts will be replaced with ‘Black Lives Matter’ for the first 12 matches.
  • Any player who wants to ‘take a knee’ before or during matches will be permitted by Premier League to do so.

Many of the Premier League squads in training sessions have already ‘taken a knee’.

In a combined statement of all the 20 clubs, players stated that they were committed to “a global society of inclusion, respect, and equal opportunities for all, regardless of their colour or creed”.

Other sports fraternities have also shown their gestures towards the murderous death of George Floyd.

German players have shown solidarity with people protesting regarding the death.

All NHS players’ shirts will have Black Lives Matter badge appearing for the rest of the season.


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