Have you heard of the famous proverb: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” Well, if you want to top that up then making walking a habit will produce much better and effective results and will do wonders to your overall health.

What role can walking play in our daily lives?

Walking in general is not only a great tool for a normal person but it is also an asset to an athlete as a proper warmup can reduce the chance of injury regulates the blood flow. Furthermore, a sportsperson benefits greatly from this exercise as it plays an important role in warming up an athlete before a game.

By taking a walk on a regular basis a person reduces his risk of suffering from heart and cardiovascular diseases. As the human generation has progressed over the years it has become less active and this has sprouted diseases in the human body.

Benefits of Walking

  • Walking not only works the legs but also exerts all the muscle groups at the same time. This leads to potential growth of the muscles which in turn keeps them strong and healthy.
  • Losing weight and shedding those extra pounds can become a walk in the park by simply making this exercise a habit.
  • Cancer can also be averted by doing this exercise as doctors suggest that by taking 3000 to 7500 steps a day a person can help prevent cancer and reduce the risk of Diabetes to a great extent. Walking has also been proven to aid in the prevention of breast cancer.
  • Lung Capacity increases by walking and aids in easy breathing and preventing asthma.

Walking Technique

It is vital that you educate yourself first before hitting the road and like every other exercise there is a technique that has to be followed while doing this exercise.

  • Proper Posture – The shoulders should be relaxed your stomach drawn in and your back should be kept straight.
  • Walk should start at a slower pace for 10 minutes and then be gradually increased as your body starts burning fat after 20 minutes into the exercise.
  • Inhale through the nose and exhale through mouth to make better use of your lungs. This is an important aspect of this whole exercise.
  • Correct method:Take steps from your heel to your toes and not the other way around.

For a video illustration on the technique of walking click here

How to find the time to walk every day?

If you a busy person who does not have much time then read below to find some amazing tips that will help you walk more.

  • Get off 1-2 stops early from the bus and walk your way to your office.
  • Try to use the stairs instead to using the lift to reach your office.
  • Choose the shop that is far away from one’s residence in order to walk more.

Last but not least, walking can become boring so to counter that we would suggest that a person should listen to different audio books to keep the exercise interesting.

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