By: Hasan Shafiq

Staying fit is an integral part of life. Health and Fitness is an area where most people lack nowadays. Even athletes, who should be the most knowledgeable individuals in this department do not possess sufficient knowledge in this area.

Keeping yourself fit is easy, go to the gym or run a few miles every other day, however, staying fit throughout the year is a completely different ball game altogether. Most athletes like to cool off in their off-season however this is a serious mistake as it directly effects their performance in the upcoming season.

This is why staying in shape all year long is important and necessary especially for a sportsperson. For this reason this article, I have listed a few ways in which an athlete or a normal individual can stay fit throughout the year.

Proper Nutrition

Proper nutrition is the most overlooked and important aspect in an athlete’s life. Focusing on quality rather than quantity is a vital aspect of keeping your nutrition in check.

Eating the proper foods at the proper time has many benefits.

The most important one is that it can highly boost an athlete’s performance on the field. Furthermore, an athlete’s recovery and his ability to heal from an injury improves to a great extent if he focuses on getting the right nutrients into his body.

However, the best way to determine one’s diet plan should be through a certified diet physician. The diet nutritionist will develop a customized diet plan for an athlete that would best suit his needs and help him to excel in his sport.

Flexibility and Mobility

Most athletes are unaware that having a flexible body is a vital part of health and fitness. However, no matter what sports you play it is highly critical that you have a certain amount of flexibility in your body as it helps prevents you from getting injured to a great extent.

Moreover, it also helps an athlete to strengthen his muscle groups thus improving his overall mobility. The ideal time to do flexibility exercises for an athlete is in his off-season.

For optimal results, at least 15 to 30 minutes should be spent by a professional athlete in doing flexibility exercises every day.

Proper Sleep

Getting proper sleep is a vital part in aiding your body to grow in a healthy way. This is extremely important for an athlete’s point of view as he needs proper time to recover as he constantly needs to perform at a high level and deliver consistent results.

The ideal time that an athlete should spend in sleeping ranges seven to nine hours, however it solely depends on the amount of recovery that the individual athlete needs. Not only does proper sleep aids in recovery but it also reduces stress and anxiety levels to a great extent, thus allowing an athlete to perform at an optimal level.


Although, there are many methods to stay fit  however, we have comprehensively covered the major principles that an athlete or a normal individual can follow in his daily life to keep his health and fitness in check throughout the year.

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