OIC – International Olympic Committee and WHO – World Health Organisations have collectively partnered with the United Nations to encourage individuals and communities around the world to be #HEALTHYTogether. 

The three partner organizations and Olympic athletes will highlight the global collaboration needed to stay healthy and minimize the spread and impact of COVID-19. Hopefully, this will inspire people to adopt behaviours which will help curb the panademic. By working together, the objective of the partnership on Olympic Day and every day is to stay Healthy Together.

The partnership commenced today with Olympians around the world showcasing different exercises to stay healthy during the present pandemic effected times. 

A WHO survey highlighted that most of the people who had severe COVID-19 disease were already living with or at risk for NCDs – noncommunicable diseases. The results emphasize the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle including being physically active, having a healthy diet, and avoiding tobacco and alcohol.

Over the past six months, the COVID-19 pandemic has had an effect on every corner of planet earth and every aspect of peopleโ€˜s lives. Thus, the world people are is wanting global institutions to work collectively and for different leaders to deliver reliable, credible information from sources they trust. Olympic athletes are symbols of strength that can act as trusted messengers for this information. 


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