La Liga Highlights & Points Table

A total of 6 matches were played today of Match Day 38 of 38. The Match wise highlights are appended below the points table.

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Position Club Played Won Drawn Lost Points
1 Barcelona 37 27 9 1 90
2 Atletico Madrid 37 23 9 5 78
3 Real Madrid 38 22 10 6 76
4 Valencia 37 21 7 9 70
5 Villarreal 38 18 7 13 61
6 Real Betis 38 18 6 14 60

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Match Wise La Liga Highlights

(La Liga Highlights) Match 1 of 10: Celta Vigo Vs Levante

Result: 4 – 2

Goal Scorers:

  • Levante: Ruben Rochina 12’, Jose Luis Morales Nogales 74’
  • Celta Vigo: Maximiliano Gomez Gonzalez 29′, 63′ , Lago Aspas 41′, 48′


  • Both teams knew that the La Liga season was coming to an end and so each team tried its best to win the match and end La Liga with a winning note.
  • Levante who had defeated Barcelona in the previous week were pretty confident that they can outplay Celta Vigo too.
  • And, they showed this intent from the very start as Ruben Rochina scored at the 12th minute to get Levante in the lead.
  • But, Celta Vigo were not going to hold back as Gomez scored his first goal of the match to level the scoreboard.
  • Fans were expecting a tie-breaker in the 1st half and they got it as Celta Vigo’s Lago Aspas netted another goal to make the lead 2-1.
  • With this the first half came to an end as Celta Vigo were comfortably in the lead by 1 goal.
  • After the break, the 2nd half went underway as Levante looked to score a goal to even the scoreboard.
  • But, it wasn’t going to happen as Lago Aspas who had scored in the 1st half scored yet another goal three minutes into the 2nd
  • He was followed by Gonzalez who also joined his team mate to score his 2nd goal of the match and the score was now 4-2.
  • Only 30 odd minutes were left in the match and Levante needed to score at least three more goals to tie this match.
  • But, apart from Nogales who scored at the 74th minute no other Levante forward could score a goal as Celta Vigo won by a margin of 3 goals.


(La Liga Highlights) Match 2 of 10: Leganes Vs Real Betis

Result: 3 – 2

Goal Scorers:

  • Leganes: Dimitris Siovas 28′, Jose Manuel Garcia Naranjo 64′, Nordin Amrabat 79′
  • Real Betis: Joel Campbell 20′, Antonio Sanabria 76′


  • This was Real Betis’s chance to finish in the top 5 teams of La Liga if they managed to win this match against Leganes.
  • But, Leganes despite being the 17th ranked team of La Liga was in no mood of losing their last match as they won the match by 3-2.
  • Although, in the 1st half, Real Betis’s player Joel Campbell scored the opening goal at the 20th
  • However, it hardly mattered as Dimitris Siovas of Leganes levelled the scoreboard at the 28th
  • After that several tries were made by both teams to score another goal but their defence proved too strong for each other as the 1st half came to an end.
  • The 2nd half started and like the 1st half Real Betis were well ahead in ball-possession but it didn’t matter as Leganes scored a goal yet again at the 64th
  • This time it was Jose Manuel Garcia who had managed to score for his team and put them in the lead.
  • Real Betis were positioned in the Top 10 for a reason, as they displayed it yet again as Antonio Sanabria scored at the 76th minute to level the scoreboard.
  • But, just as the match had taken an exciting turn, Leganes player Nordin Amrabat scored the tie-breaker goal as Leganes won the match by 3-2.


(La Liga Highlights) Match 3 of 10: Las Palmas Vs Girona

Result: 1 – 2

Goal Scorers:

  • Las Palmas: Cristhian Stuani 5’, 42’
  • Girona: Jonathan Calleri 14’


  • Of course Girona were the favourites to win their last La Liga match as they faced Las Palmas who were ranked 19th in the premier league table.
  • However, Las Palmas could win this match considering this is the last La Liga match of this year and they could come in full force against Girona.
  • So, the match started as both teams weren’t shying away from taking their shots at each other’s goal posts. However, only one succeeded in the early moments of the match.
  • And, yes it was Girona who scored first as Cristhian Stuani struck at the 5th minute to put his team in the lead.
  • However, luck came unannounced on Las Palmas door as they got a penalty at the 13th minute, courtesy of Pere Pons who got a yellow card by referee.
  • The penalty stroke was given to Jonathan Carelli who wasn’t going to miss out on such chances as he struck the goal at the 14th minute to level the scoreboard.
  • But not for long, as Cristhian Stuani looked in red-hot form and he proved it by scoring at the 42nd minute to put his team in the lead and conclude the first half.
  • The 2nd half went underway and Las Palmas were dominating in ball possession by quite a significant margin. But it was not doing them any good as they were not getting past Girona’s defence.
  • This went on for the entire 2nd half as none of the teams managed to score against each other and the match came to an end.


(La Liga Highlights) Match 4 of 10: Getafe CF Vs Malaga

Result: 0 – 1

Goal Scorers:

  • Getafe CF: Loic Remy 73’ (P)


  • Malaga had lost 27 of their 37 matches this season and were placed at the last of the table with 20 points. However, this was the last chance for them to save themselves for humiliation.
  • This is because winning this match would allow them to avert their last position in La Liga in which they are currently in. So, Malaga knew that this was a must win for them.
  • So, the match started as the 1st half went underway as both teams were looking to score the opening goal.
  • A goal in the 1st half could have been match-deciding, however no team managed to score a goal in the 1st half as it came to end with the scores being 0-0.
  • Of course, Getafe CF dominated the ball possession in the 1st half and continued to do so in the 2nd half too. But, Malaga was giving it all as it wasn’t allowing Getafe’s strikers to convert their chances.
  • But, continued pressure and frequent attacks led to a yellow card and this gave Getafe CF the penalty stroke.
  • Loic Remy was given the ball and he did his job perfectly as the netted the ball at the 73rd minute to score for his team and put them in the lead.

(La Liga Highlights) Match 5 of 10: Sevilla Vs Alaves

Result: 1 – 0

Goal Scorers:

  • Sevilla: Wissam Ben Yedder 28’


  • If Sevilla won this match against Alaves they would finish 7th in the La Liga table but if Alaves won they would have a chance to jump 1 or 2 places up the table.
  • Both teams were relying on their top-goal scorers, especially Sevilla as Wissam Ben Yedder was the highest goal-scorer for them with 18 goals so far.
  • So, the match started as both teams tried to take the upper hand in this game from the very first minute. However, it was Sevilla who was actually dominating among the two.
  • And, this dominance led Wissam to score a goal at the 28th minute and take his goal tally to 19.
  • Alaves weren’t a weak team and they tried to level the scoreboard in the 1st half but couldn’t do so as Sevilla didn’t let them pass through their defence.
  • The 1st half came to an end with Sevilla in the lead by 1 goal. After the break, the 2nd half went underway and it was a similar story of dominance by Sevilla.
  • Not only the possession but the total shots along with the shots on target of Los Hispalenses were considerably more than Alaves.
  • And, this led to no goals being scored in the 2nd half by either teams as the match came to an end with Sevilla winning the match.


(La Liga Highlights) Match 6 of 10: Real Madrid Vs Villarreal

Result: 2 – 2

Goal Scorers:

  • Villarreal: Roger Martinez 70’, Samu Castillejo 85’
  • Real Madrid: Gareth Bale 11’, Cristiano Ronaldo 32’


  • Although, Real Madrid’s arch-rivals Barcelona won the La Liga title this year, Madrid still had the chance to finish second provide Atletico Madrid lose their last match tomorrow.
  • On the other hand, the result of this match wouldn’t have affected Villarreal as regardless of a loss or win they would finish in the Top 5.
  • So, now coming to match. The match was played on Villarreal so had a slight advantage over Real Madrid.
  • But, it didn’t matter as Gareth Bale who had finally found his form, struck a goal at the 11th minute as Real took the lead.
  • Not much time had passed after that as Cristiano Ronaldo struck his 26th goal of this season to get the lead even further.
  • Villarreal on the other hand, couldn’t manage to score in the 1st half as it ended with Real Madrid leading by 2 – 0.
  • However, luck tilted towards Villarreal as after constant shots at Madrid’s goal post, it was Roger Martinez who finally struck a goal at the 70th minute and scores were now 2 – 1.
  • Villarreal didn’t stop there as 15 minutes later Samu Castillejo scored his sixth goal of this season to level the scoreboard.
  • This goal wouldn’t have been scored but due to Marcelo’s mistake the ball went to Castillejo who took full advantage.
  • So, now the match was coming to an end despite, Real Madrid’s efforts to score a tie-breaker it ended in a draw.
  • So, now Real Madrid will end La Liga ranked 3rd in the table as Barcelona and Atletico Madrid have taken 1st and 2nd positions respectively.

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