#2 Rampage Jackson vs. Chuck Liddell – UFC 71


By 2007, Chuck Liddell was broadly perceived as the most prominent warrior in MMA as well as a standout amongst the most overwhelming UFC victors ever.

Not exclusively was he the ruling UFC Light-Heavyweight champion, yet he likewise held the uncommon qualification of having retaliated for a large portion of his profession misfortunes – beating Randy Couture and Jeremy Horn.

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The main man left on his rundown of retaliation? Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson, who had beaten ‘The Iceman’ amid his short hybrid to Japan’s PRIDE FC in 2003. Rampage had fallen on some harder occasions from that point forward – being fiercely ceased by Wanderlei Silva and Shogun Rua – yet despite everything he came into the UFC with some significant exhibit in mid 2007.

Subsequent to overcoming Marvin Eastman in what was basically a battle to acquaint him with the UFC group of onlookers, Rampage was at long last coordinated with Liddell in their hotly anticipated rematch at UFC 71. In spite of his triumph over Eastman, numerous fans felt Liddell would in all likelihood get his retribution.

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First off, he had evidently been harmed in the main gathering between the two. What’s more, more to the point, he had enhanced from that point forward – sharpening his officially brilliant takedown safeguard and striking into an apparently relentless mix of savagery.

Rampage Jackson had different thoughts, however. After a short getting a handle on period, Liddell thrusted in with a broad left snare to the body – and the challenger countered with a brisk right snare to the jaw. Liddell – who had dependably possessed the capacity to assimilate overwhelming blows from his adversaries, even precise ones like this – went slamming down, and some subsequent shots abandoned him oblivious.

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Rampage Jackson had not just taken the Light-Heavyweight title from Liddell, however he’d likewise apparently taken his once-press jaw. Preceding this battle, Liddell had just at any point been ceased by ground-and-pound – however after Rampage’s correct snare, he was thumped out neatly a further 3 times before his retirement in 2010.

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