By: Agha Muhammad Ajmal, 
¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Ex –¬†Media Manager,¬†

       Pakistan Football Federation

Once upon a time, not so long ago in 1993 Pakistan used to be 142nd in FIFA world ranking. Then selfish bigwigs with their power struggle brought Pakistan to its current 196th ranking. The fast decay into our football is a direct outcome of many a bigwig trying for top slot and their internal intrigues to continue to head this unfortunate sport, their misrule and continuous foul play destroyed the very fabric of game.

The current intrigue started in 2014 and gradually became nastier when politically backed group forcibly captured the Football House and they dethroned the FIFA recognized Faisal Saleh Hayat Group. This was the first time in the history of Pakistan that a sports body was captured by a Qabza Group ( Group which Illegally Takeover ), even Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) despite its several differences and internal problems has never seen such an ugly incident. The continuous fighting between the two groups has ruined the sport.

The main effect has been on the livelihoods and daily bread and butter of 36,000 families in Pakistan, who are dependent on football. These vary from linemen, players to the professional players. Now most persons associated with the game are forced to align themselves with one of the two groups to sustain their incomes. Any differences with the current politically connected group, earns a label of  traitor or supporter of one of the groups and  closes all doors of earning, prosperity and even involvement with football.

Regardless of whichever group is strong, the weak 36000 families are at the mercy of theses bigwigs. Here I will quote my own personal experience, as a media manager of Pakistan Football Federation (PFF), I introduced the sport to print, electronic and social media and brought it at par with cricket, a fact recognized by many including Mr. Nadeem Sarwar former General Manger, PCB. After resigning from PFF I started my own media concern to promote football at all levels. But one group labeled me as part of other while the second group also shied away from me. Whenever any local or foreign entity wants a deal with me I have to receive blackmails about my professional affiliations.

I met football legendary Captain Ghulam Sarwar Teddy, who formed a committee comprising of himself, Sharafat Ali, Zahid Luqman, Muhammad Imtiaz Butt, Haroon Yousuf, Zafar Iqbal and myself. That comprises of former international player to break the logjam and bring the local sport to international levels. The basic purpose of this committee is to bring national football into international main stream along with improvement at local, department, national, international, clubs and league level. This would lead to a continuity in football and will usher an era of prosperity and better jobs for players. The aim of this committee is to practically prepare internationally competitive footballers and benefit youth from exposure to legends at all levels (club, regional, departmental, national and international).

But I note with sorrow that the tug of war like internal strife among these groups has already ruined the sort in Pakistan will force FIFA to take action. The worst part is after that these bigwigs will head to capture (QABZA) of other sport bodies but the poor 36000 families that depend on football would be ultimate losers.
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