The MPERC’22 Scrabble Words Mania 2022 first edition was won by Mr. Jawed Shamim.

SENTEC – The Society For Promotion of Science, Engineering & Technology collaborated with PSA – Pakistan Scrabble Association to organize its flagship event: the first-ever MPERC’22 Scrabble Words Mania tournament. It was held on 21st and 22nd July 2022 at the NED University of Engineering & Technology, University, Karachi.

After a total of three matches, Jawed Shamim won the trophy with all three wins and a cumulative spread of 766 points. Young Aehzam Ahmed although won all of his matches, but stood second with a lesser spread of 384 points. Quite close by, Anjum Aziz also finished third with three wins and a spread of 257 points.

The complete final results are appended below:

Mr. Jawed Shamim (in front) winner of the 1st MPERC’22 Scrabble Words Mania 2022, played at NED University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi, Pakistan – Allsportspk