Scrabble Go, the latest scrabble game released earlier this year, has caused serious displeasure among the scrabble players and fans. The game was to replace the official Scrabble mobile app, however, the EA-Electronic Arts team, has decided to discontinue it from 5th June.

The fans had been anticipating the release of this new game, which the EA team had spoken of as “new and modern.” Yet, the fans have disapproved this new game calling it too “cartoonish.” In the early days of the launch, many scrabble enthusiasts had downloaded this latest game. It was reported by Reuters, that the game had about 10 million downloads till the end of April. It also reported about 2.5 million daily players in that month.

Nevertheless, some fans have mentioned that despite the release of this game, they shall still prefer the older version. Numerous fans have also mentioned it to be frustrating to play this game. “Playing Scrabble GO is often an exercise in frustration. Constant ads plague the app, many of which crash the game outright, and both the lag and the battery drain are immense…”

Another review mentioned how the latest game was full of animations which was too annoying for them to play: “Interface is too busy. Stressful to play. Playing against the computer yet it will still ask you to play with strangers after every single move. You will have to keep rejecting before you can make the next move. Takes the fun off the game.”

In a review on the Google Play Store, a fan has called it to be “an abomination of Candy Crush.” Speaking to the BBC team about this, the EA customer service said: “The players’ point of view is always important, that is why any suggestion or feedback will be more than welcome”


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