The Shahid Abbas Golf Tournament was contested at the par 72, Royal Palm Golf and Country Club Golf Course in a spirit of comradeship and fraternity. Participation in this golf event was confined to members of Royal Palm Golf Club only, yet 110 to be exact turned up. Format of the contest was stableford where a competitor gathers three points for every birdie, two points for every par and one point for every bogie. And if the score on a hole is a miserable two over par and above, no points are obtained.

Final day photograph of the Shahid Abbas Golf Tournament contestants including winners at the Royal Palm Golf and Country Club Golf Course, Lahore, Pakistan – Allsportspk

In this zealously fought out contest the most flawless and unblemished ones were Muhammed Abid in the zero to 14 handicap category, Shahbaz Shah in the 15 to 17 handicap category and S.M. Shakeel in the 18 handicap category. That they surfaced as the phenomenal ones was due to their commendable application of golfing skills. All through the eighteen holes race for ascendancy over many accomplished adversaries, M. Abid was in full command, playing faultless golf and in the other categories Shahbaz Shah and S.M. Shakeel were rooted and unwavering.

Detailed Results:

Handicap Cateory 0-14

Muhammed Abid, 1st with 39 points; Hussain Hamid, 2nd with 36 points; Hasen Arshed, 3rd with 35 points.

Handicap Category 15-17

Shahbaz Shah, 1st with 33 points; Asadullah Khan, 2nd with 33 points; Azhar Rauf, 3rd with 33 points; Azhar Iqbal.

Handicap Category 18

S.M.Shakeel, 1st with 39 points; Zulqarnain Chatta, 2nd with 36 points; Sardar Aqil, 3rd with 34 points.

Where the points are equal ,the better positions went to competitors with a better score on the last nine holes.

Other Results

Nearest to the pin was won by Tauqeer Rana and longest drive (295 yards) was hit by Umer Dar.


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