Sportsmen and women are often looked upon as healthy individuals in the society and are normally perceived invulnerable to different diseases. However, that may not be the case as heart disease has been the cause of death in several athletes.

Our Heart is a major muscle in our body as it pumps blood in our entire body including our muscles and our brain. Young athletes are involved in a lot of physical activity and therefore, without taking certain precautions their health can be compromised.

Although there are many health related precautions, tips and issues that an athlete needs to consider when it comes to evaluating their heart performance. However, Allsportspk Health research team highlights 3 health tips which are very important to maintain a health heart or even prevent a heart disease.


This is perhaps the most underrated aspect pertaining to a person’s heart that is ignored by young athletes. While there are many diet plans and strategies that are recommended by doctors and nutrition guides; the most common one is following a low-fat diet.

Doctors recommend it due to the fact that consuming excess fat can block arteries of the heart that can lead to low blood circulation in the heart. However, not all fats are bad, rather on the contrary diet gurus recommend good fats such as avocados, chia seeds, walnuts, olive oil etc.

Allsportspk Health Boosts – 2: Nutrition suitable for Tennis players

The good fats lower your LDL cholesterol levels which in turn prevents you from getting any heart disease and subsequently improve your overall health.

Furthermore, protein rich meals and Fibre rich whole grains have also been attributed to lower the risks of a heart disease. However, these are the type of foods an athlete should avoid Deep-fried fast foods, Bakery products, Packaged snack foods etc.

Exercise in Moderation

Every person is not built the same way as doctors categorize people into three groups according to their body structures i.e. ectomorph, mesomorph and an endomorph. All three groups have different needs of nutrition and have a dissimilar capacity of responding to exercise.

Many athletes ignore the above mentioned fact and exercise on their own without consulting an exercise specialist that will help them in making a customized workout plan by determining their body structure.

On the contrary, if an athlete exercises beyond his limit without considering his body capacity then it’s his heart that will take most of the damage as he will be overworking the heart above its capacity. This will result in high blood pressure and a high cholesterol.

A general limit is set to be about 30 minutes that is recommended by doctors but everyone should consult a doctor to set his customised workout plan.

6 Basic Health Tips 

 Stay away from Tobacco or any such addictive product

There are many addictive products such as Alcohol, Betel Nut, Tobacco, etc. However, the most common used the world over is Tobacco or cigarette smoking, which is like poison for an athlete. Heart disorders and Tobacco go hand in hand. The chemicals excreted from the cigarette into the body severely damage a person’s blood vessels that subsequently lead to narrowing of your arteries.

What happens is when you light a cigarette the carbon monoxide present in it replaces some of the oxygen in your blood and this gets worse with every cigarette you smoke.

Moreover, this is even more dangerous for an athlete as he is involved in a lot of physical activity and so the risk becomes far greater as the process becomes faster.

The only solution to this problem is to stop smoking and reap the benefits of having a healthy heart.

The published content is only for information purposes, therefore, it should not be construed as a final health and fitness advice. Even if the content is correct the readers and/or users are advised to seek professional medical advice. Never ignore or delay a professional medical advice because of something you have read.o books, etc.