Conor McGregor, has decided to walk away from professional fighting – yet again! He announced of his retirement from his official Twitter account which has left many of the fans in the sporting world, shocked but wondering that will he actually retire.

It must also not be forgotten that this is not the first time he has announced that he shall be retiring. He has mentioned of his retirement twice before this latest tweet. Owing to this, many fans have tweeted that this is just a part of his retirement collections.

2019 – Conor McGregor Retires

The first retirement revelation came out on 19th April 2016, a few weeks of his defeat to Nate Diaz at the UFC 196. Nevertheless, only four weeks after this, he not only returned, but avenged his defeat and became the first person in history two belts at the same time. He had beat Eddie Alvarez to grab the UFC-Ultimate Fighting Championship Lightweight Championship, with the Featherweight Championship still around his waist.

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Conor McGregor retires from mixed martial arts - Eric Kowal - Medium

The second of his series of retirement came out on 26th March 2019 in which he mentioned that he was “formally” retiring from mixed martial arts. Subsequently, he returned to the ring once again and beat Donald Cerrone at the UFC 246.

Dana White, President of the UFC, was contemptuous the last time McGregor pronounced of his retirement. He has not said anything about this, as of now.

McGregor is the on top of the list of highest-payed fighters in the history of UFC which is why he can certainly retire without any financial botheration.


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