As it is said “Laughter is the best medicine for your body”. Similarly, having a good sense of humour is important to spice up the otherwise monotonous and stale life. Laughing it off may seem humorous when life becomes unpleasant or rough..

Sports is one of the primary source of happiness and leisure. And with humour added there is no better blessing. This video is a display oftypical British sports wits in a Squish, Oh! meaning Squash locker room environment. The two players after a game are conversing with one another about the game in a witty manner.

The person who is not even dressed in a proper game clothing and probably has played squash for the first time manages to win. The winning person is calm and collected and even though he does not know the right terminologies of the game, he has still beaten the other player who interestingly is the secretary of the squash club and is an avid player. Due to this he is stunned at the fact that he just lost to a first timer who did not even know how to hold a racquet.

The Secretary, is exasperated at losing to a person who has no knowledge about squash whatsoever. Even after winning the game he was just as clueless and asks the Secretary, “How many goals did I get?”, the Secretary corrects him that it’s called “points” and that he won 4 games to love. He then tells him the basics of squash and the right terms for the game and asks for a rematch. But the rookie declines and tells him that he has to be someplace else to play “cracket”. This makes the Club Secretary so mad that he leaves the room furiously.

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