Thai Footballer Boys Cave Rescue: 8 Boys Freed

Thai Footballer Boys Cave Rescue

After two days of rescue operation, Narongsak Osatanakorn, the head of the joint command centre announced that the operation has rescued 8 members out of 12. The Thailand’s Wild Boars football club remain to be rescued.

The rescue operation has been called off for today. The Thai navy seals Facebook update suggested that it is sticking to a plan of rescuing four Thai footballer boys per day.


Thai Footballer Boys Cave Rescue: The Backstory

In an attempt to explore a cave after their practise game, the boys aged between 11 to 16 and their twenty five year old coach were left stranded, unable to find their way back.

The main reason was the Monsoon flooding that prevented them and afterwards, trained rescuers from getting a single clue of their location.


The Danger of Monsoon Rains

Authorities have pointed out the fact that water levels in the monsoon season may rise at a significant rate and oxygen levels may also fall in the enclosed cave.

Thai Cave Rescue Thai Cave Rescue

The danger is so high that a former Thai Navy seal has been confirmed as dead while he was making the dive earlier this week.

Here is a picture explaining why it is taking so long for the divers to reach the footballer boys.

This incident of the Thai Footballer Boys Cave Rescue took very little time to get viral and has now become a global incident. Media from all over the world is gathered outside the cave where the Cave Rescue mission of the Thai Footballer Boys underway.

Meanwhile, people are also expressing their views on social media regarding this incident.

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