Tree Therapy – A Nature’s Gift

Today life has been indulged too much in development and modernization. We merely have time to relax and to take care of our own selves. People nowadays prefer to work at leisure and to focus on their goals. But in this race, they give less attention to their health. The result comes in the form of anxiety, depression, elevated blood pressure and many more. The cure for all these problems is a break from the electronic world.

Scientists and Naturalists have proven that being in contact with nature can relax the mind and give the body a spiritual energy. The term used for this practice is called “Tree Therapy” or “Forest Bathing”. The goal of tree or forest therapy is to focus on the sensations, sounds, and smells.

It is a well-known practice in Japan and is called “Shinrin-yoku” and is taken as preventive medicine. In Japan, there are 62 official forest therapy sites where people go to practice this therapy.

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The video is showing the devotion of the people who religiously practice tree therapy. As it can be seen that a common practice of doing therapy is by hugging the tree and by feeling its sensations and presence. Nature lovers claims that they feel magnificent energy around them just by hugging the tree.

According to the video, nature lovers tend to spend their free time in forests and nature. They feel a unique spiritual energy being in contact with nature and this energy helps them to relax and calm down their mind and body.

Forest therapy can improve health by lowering the blood pressure, depression, anxiety and by developing the immune system. These health benefits are due to “ phytoncide ” a chemical released by trees and which can be absorbed by respiratory tract or skin.

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The common ways the people practice tree therapy is by:

  • strolling slowly through the woods
  • to feel and sense nature
  • walking with barefoot on leaves
  • wrapping yourself around the tree.

Eric Brisbare, a tree therapy facilitator, professes in the video that beech tree has a relaxing power in it while the spruce tree helps in boosting the energy. All these effects come through essential oils the tree secretes to defend itself from mosses, lichens and anything else in the environment that can harm it.

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