This is the 2nd part of this article in which we will discuss some weighted underrated exercises that will help you keep motivated throughout your workout journey. Just in case you missed out the 1st part of this article, visit this link to read it.

So, now coming back to the article.  Here are some more underrated exercises that are normally done by using weights so you might want to get a gym membership or start using weights. As, the benefit of doing these exercises is immense and they are very much under-appreciated in our society.

Allsportspk Fitness Corner – Part 1: Introduce New Exercises in Workout to Keep Motivated

Furthermore, this will give you a chance to revaluate your workout and maybe incorporate a few of these exercises into your daily routine to benefit more from your weighted training sessions.

So, now without further delay let’s jump right into these exercises.

Sled Pushes

underrated exercises

Demanding and Masculinity. These two words will pop up in your mind whenever you will see an individual performing this movement.

Considered as a highly functional movement, Sled Pushes is a challenging movement that tests your power, endurance and strength all at the same time.

Although, this exercise is best performed outdoors, however many gyms are wide enough nowadays so you may not face much difficulty in performing this movement indoors.

A full body exercise yet so underrated, Sled Pushes light up your core and push your glutes to the next level. Furthermore, its also beneficial for conditioning or if you are aiming to pack on new muscle and become the strongest version of yourself.

How to perform this exercise?

The basic idea is to just push the weighted sled and add on weight as you advance through your sets, however, proper technique is what matters the most as it allows you to prevent injuries.

Proper Technique

  • After loading the sled with your desired weight, lean your body towards the sled as your body comes into an athletic posture.
  • Then with your arms fully extended, grasp the handles and push the sled as fast as you can while focusing on your posture throughout this movement.
  • Pay special attention to your core, knees and glutes as this is where all the power will come from which will aid you in pushing this sled as fast as possible.
  • Do 3-5 sets of 100 yards, depending on the weight that you have loaded on the sled.

Overhead Squat

It’s time to come out of the traditional back & front squats and embrace this new functional movement which serves a full-body movement that engage each and every muscle in your body.

Normally, performed in the Olympics or at the Cross-fit games, this movement much harder than it seems to be. You should have the power of beast in your lower body and in your posterior chain if you want to do even one heavy repetition of this exercise.

Although, it engages all your muscles however, the Over-head Squat mainly builds your quads, hamstrings, posterior chain, glutes and your core.

How To Perform This Exercise?

  • Lower down into a squat position and grasp the bar just wide of your shoulders.
  • Now, stick your glutes outwards as you press into the bar and lift it above your shoulders.
  • Don’t forget to properly jerk off your shoulders and use the full force of your hips to drive the bar upwards.
  • Also, to succeed this exercise you have to keep everything tight as you elevate and retract your scapula.
  • Do 2-3 light warm-up sets before you perform the heavy ones in order to avoid any mishaps or injuries.

This is the end of Part 2. For more exercises stay tuned for part 3 of this article which will include more underrated exercises to keep your motivation levels up.