Sports, is the most common way to enjoy in a normal manner. But sometimes there are unusual and strange ways to play and enjoy at least by the look of the game. Societies across the globe, follow different rituals and their own cultural traditions to come up with unique, crazy and odd forms of sports.

In this video, we can see some of the unusual and fascinating sports being followed with great passion in the recent times.

Fireball,¬†yes the game is derived from the Football. Just in this case, football is lit on fire and made from the coconut fiber. Indonesians show great sense of passion for this sport. It is followed as a ritual to celebrate & welcome the holy month of Ramadan.¬†You don’t get burned every time for playing with fire,¬†& this game proves it all to be true. It is not recommended to be even¬†tried.

Shin Kicking, another sport that has different origins. Originally the game has been derived from the Costwolds (been banned for more than over a century by Olympics Association). The rules are same, two opponents have to kick their way to victory. You get to kick the front of the legs, from knees to the toes. 

We all as children are aware of the¬†game –¬†Pillow Fight. Yes, you read it right, but the funny part is that in some places¬†Pillow Fight is an official sport. Where the competitors are assigned with the task to knock the opponents into the water by hitting them as hard as they can with the pillows. That sounds simple, doesn’t it? To make balancing easier, you are allotted to put your one hand behind the back, making it easier to balance on the logs, but a bit tougher to put all strength in the hits.


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