Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the whole world came to a stand still. Majority of the sport events including Scrabble were cancelled or postponed. Gradually the sports events, especially the mind sports related ones transitioned virtually. Recently, the sporting events and activities are reverting back to the normal format of being held on location.

Similar situation has been transforming in the world of scrabble. WESPA-World English Language Scrabble Players Association formed in 2003, manages and provides an official structure for the international Scrabble community. It is the ruling body of Scrabble and is in coalition with the local Scrabble associations; it supports associations with internationally recognized rules.

The international Scrabble tournaments are delegated by the WESPA committee and the event allocations are determined using a universal rating system.

For the interest of avid Allsportspk readers, the major upcoming global Scrabble events to be held during 2022 are:


Brief Overview of The Three Forthcoming Major Tournaments

Known as the WESPA Youth Cup (formerly World Youth Scrabble Championship), this is an annual Global Championship in which under 18 year old players from different countries pit their vocabulary against their global counterparts. For the last two years, Pakistan has virtually hosted the WYSC and for the third time in a row will also be hosting the 2022 edition during October. The 2021 titles of both Team and Individual categories were lifted by Pakistan players.

The second major tournament is the Word Cup. The annual Scrabble championship organised by the WGPO-Word Game Players’ Organization will be held in Illinois, USA. This is a rated tournament with two divisions and a cash prize of USD 10,000 for the winner of the Collins Division.

South Asian Scrabble Championship is also another major event held every year. To be held in New Delhi, India, it is also open for players from countries such as Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.


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