The second Zone E playoff match at the East Rand Polo Club in Johannesburg, is minutes away and both teams have announced the players which will play in the final decider clash. In the First Playoff Match Pakistan beat Indian team 5-4.

The match is scheduled at 4:00 pm South Africa Time and 7:00 pm Pakistan Time. Can be watched live on:

LIVE Link – Zone E Playoff Match 2 – Pakistan Vs India

The teams are:


1. Meekayel

2. Temur Nadeem

3. Hamza Mawaz

4. Raja Sami


1. Naveen

2. Kuldeep

3. Padmanab

4. Shamshir Ali

Pakistan and India playoffs event is the last of the five zone playoffs played between 25 countries which leads to eight teams qualifying for the World Polo Championship. The eight winning include teams from Zones A, B, D, E, the top two teams from Zone C, the previous winner and the host country team.


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