Yak Polo – Pakistan

Yak Polo is a recently developed sport, which is played on the Yak-back rather then horseback. The game is played in the Himalayan region of Pakistan-Indian sub-continent on the domestic yak which is a long-haired bovid animal breed found in the Himalayan and Tibetan Plateau region, and also in Mongolia and Russia.

Exclusive: The Fascinating Pedigree of Polo

The game started originally in Mongolia around 2000 and spread to the Broghil valley situated at about 13,000 feet (3,962 meters) above sea level, in the Chitral District of Northern Area of Pakistan .

It was basically started to attract tourists for livelihood of the local inhabitants who due to having limited sources are economically in need. For this every year a polo tournament is organised due to which tourists are drawn to the underdeveloped valley.


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