The Pakistan Virtual Scrabble Bilateral Series games continue every Sunday. The remaining games which will be played subsequent Sunday’s, starting Sunday – 19th July are with Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Philippines and Nepal.

According to PSA the schedule has been amended slightly and the latest updated schedule is published below.

In the 7 encounters held till present, the performance of Pakistan Scrabble minds has been exceptional. Especially as most of the Pakistan players in their teens and twenties have outplayed more experienced players, including ones belonging to nations who are considered to be the Scrabble power houses – Thailand, Nigeria and Malaysia.

Five Bilateral Series encounters remain which will be played from 19th July till 16th August. According to PSA-Pakistan Scrabble Association’s Bilateral Series Coordinator, Mr. Waseem Khatri the Singapore team could not play during last week due to the Online Scrabble World Cup, thereby, there has been a minor change in the schedule.

The updated schedule of the upcoming Bilateral Series matches is as follows:

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