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For thousands of years people have invented Indoor games and sports to amuse themselves when confined within a house or other building. Often these are played in social or family situations, or when darkness or bad weather prevent people from moving outside. Such amusements have been developed throughout the world. Others require a great deal of skill on the part of the players. Perhaps the most famous indoor game is basketball, which was created as an active sport to be played in the winter time.

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Tokyo Paralympic Games: Spain Secures 82 Places

CPE-Spanish Paralympic Committee announced that 82 athletes are classified to play the Paralympic Games in Tokyo during...

Pakistan-19th PBS Sports Festival ’20: Inauguration Ceremony Held + Images

The 19th Annual PBS-Pakistan Bible Society Sports Festival commenced at Jillani Racecourse Park, Lahore. The Sports festival was...

Pakistan-Azadi-e-Kashmir Tenpin Bowling C’ship: Sajjad Wins The Title

Sajjad Shah lifted the Azadi-e-Kashmir Tenpin Bowling Championship while Ahmer Saldera and Danyial Shah obtained 2nd and 3rd position at Leisure City...

Bowling-Tenpin Azadi e Kashmir Tournament: Commences On 25th October

Pakistan Tenpin Bowling Federation will be arrange the Azadi-e- Kashmir Tenpin Bowling Tournament from 25th October, at Leisure City Bowling Club, Jinnah Park,...

Tokyo Olympics 2020-21: Counter Measures Against Cyber Attack Finalised

Katsunobu Kato - Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary announced that countermeasures against cyber attack to ensure that the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics 2020-21...

Tokyo Olympics 2020-21: IOC Olympic Committees

The IOC-International Olympic Committee assured 200 National Olympic Committees that Tokyo Olympics 2020-21 will commence on 23rd July 2021. The assurance is...

Tokyo Olympics 2020-21: Japanese Prime Minister Reaffirms Support; Invites IOC’s President

Mr. Yoshihide Suga the Prime Minister of Japan has invited the IOC-International Olympics Committee President Thomas Bach and assured to provide all...

Handball Iran-Premier League ’20: Opening Ceremony Held In Tehran

The Premier Handball League 2020 was officially declared open by Mr. Alireza Pakdaman Head of IHF-Iran Handball Federation today, the 10th October...

Allsportspk TechRadar: Jamia Religious Madrassa Wins Robotics Competition – Reloaded

Talented madrassa students from Jamia Baitul Salam have been crowned champion of the robotics competition held at...
IWC Ironman World Championship

Ironman World Championship 2021: World’s Oldest Ironman Preparing

The oldest ironman Hiromu Inada of Japan is preparing for the IWC Ironman World Championship 2021 to be held on 9th October...
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