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The term mountaineering describes the sport of mountain climbing. The sport became popular with athletes from all over the world attempting to reach the highest peaks. The sport requires experience, athletic ability, and technical knowledge to maintain safety alongside success.

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Allsportspk Health Tips: Checking Body Water Key To Healthy Life

Water is the vital need of human body as life cannot sustain without it. An adult human body is made up to 60% of...

Mountaineering K2-Killer Mountain: Nepal’s 55 Member Expedition To Attempt From Pakistan Side

A group of 55 climbing global veterans, including 27 Nepalese Sherpas are departing for Pakistan to under take the most adventurous winter...

Mount Everest: China & Nepal To Unify Height

The new height of Mount Qomolangma, normally called Mount Everest, is expected to be announced soon, possibly Tuesday. It...

Mount Everest: The Exact Height Is…

It has been finally decided that the height of Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak is 8848.86 meters (around 29,032 feet). The...
Team Spirit

Allsportspk Team Spirit: Non Human Helping Attitude – The Ladybird Experience

Allsportspk Team Spirit: Non Human Helping Attitude - The Ladybird Experience The video carries a beautiful message of team spirit and that also through the...

Mountaineering Pakistan: German Team Arrives; Climbing Restriction Ends

After the coronavirus restrictions were lifted, a five member German team led by Felix Berg arrived in...

Exclusive Allsportspk Images-Adventure: Aerial View Of Attabad Lake & Majestic K2

The old saying 'Seeing is Believing' is true. However, any happening or action which takes place at a...
slalom skiing

Ski Mountaineering World Rankings: 17th May 2020

This Ranking is Issued by: ISMF - International Ski Mountaineering FederationAllsportspk publishes only selected information Men’s Ranking
Deadliest Mountains

Mountaineering: 11 Deadliest Mountains

Mountaineering: 11 Deadliest Mountains Mountains are a special gift of Divine to the humans. The aura cum magic in them is such that even many of...

Mountaineering: The Risks Involved

Riskier and dangerous; mountaineering revolves around these two words. But, this is also what makes this sport more thrilling as the higher the risk...
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