The Sweden leg of the WRC – World Rally Championship 2020 has been confirmed to go ahead but its track length has been shortened significantly due to warm weather and lack of snow in the region.

According to the new schedule, the rally has been shortened by eight stages and a total track of 180 kilometers down from last year’s 320 Kilometers.

Sweden and Norway jointly host the Scandinavian part of the WRC race but the unseasonably warm weather has caused significantly less snowfall this winter putting the feasibility of snow race in doubt.

Due to poor weather conditions, the Historic Rally, an adjacent event to the WRC rally has been canceled.

The 2019 edition of Sweden Rally was a huge success as Ott Tänak of Toyota recorded his seventh WRC victory and became the fourth non-Scandinavian winner. Another highlight of the event was the return of Double world champion and Rally Sweden legend Marcus Grönholm who sat behind wheel to commemorate his 50th birthday.

Rally Sweden updated itinerary (GMT)


  • 0801hrs Shakedown (4.48 miles)
  • 1908hrs SS1 Karlstad 1 (1.18 miles)


  • 0742hrs SS2 Hof-Finnskog 1 (13.21 miles)
  • 0908hrs SS3 Finnskogen 1 (12.85 miles)
  • 1108hrs SS4 Nyckelvattnet 1 (11.77 miles)
  • 1400hrs SS5 Torby Sprint 1 (1.74miles)
  • Friday total mileage 40.75 miles


  • 0742hrs SS6 Hof-Finnskog 2 (13.21 miles)
  • 0908hrs SS7 Finnskogen 2 (12.85 miles)
  • 1008hrs SS8 Nyckelvattnet 1 (11.77 miles)
  • 1400hrs SS9 Torby Sprint 2 (1.74miles)
  • Saturday total mileage 40.75 miles


  • 0908hrs SS10 Likenäs 1 (13.17 miles)
  • 1118hrs SS11 Likenäs 2 power stage (13.17 miles)
  • Sunday total mileage (26.33 miles)

Event total mileage (106.65 miles)

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