Allsportspk Unusual: One Legged Footballers – I Can Play

Life is a magnificent gift given by God and smarter are those who spend their lives in a meaningful way. Man is created as the most superior being and can conquer the world with the power of faith.

Life is a name of the competition in which we must compete to achieve our goals. Nothing is impossible, and nothing comes easy. We must fight for what we want.

Everyone goes through the hardest time of our lives but in the end, we find ourselves, and also who we are and what we want. Sometimes it seems like we have lost everything it becomes difficult for us to live. We might have the biggest problem of all the time but there is always a space for hope. If time gets difficult it is in our own hands to do something to make things better.

This video is some what unusual and unbelievable proof. It beautifully visualizes an old proverb – Where there is a while there is a way.

Allsportspk Unusual Sports: Seeing Is Believing

A fragment of football match of handicapped players played between Turkey and England. The football players have lost their leg, an integral part of the body, however, it does not stop them from becoming what they want. All of them must have different reasons behind the loss of their leg, it might be due to an injury, disease or disorder, but they took it in a positive way. What if they lose one leg? they still have the other one to become a football player.

These one legged footballers are showing that life is full of opportunities. The spirit among them is raising themselves toward the sky. Disability cannot decide what would you become it cannot become a barrier in your way. The only thing counts is our ability to work hard.

Hard time break us, mend us and polish us in the finest form of our being. It is our hope and dedication which makes us able to achieve our goals.


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