Football Transfer Battle: Barcelona Goalkeeper Jasper Cillissen in Demand

The Premier League is coming to an end, as European clubs sharpen their transfer tools to grab the best prospects for the next season. Jasper Cillissen, is one such player that is being eyed by several European clubs for quite some time.

Jasper is a Dutch national, who plays as a professional football player for the Spanish club Barcelona and for Netherlands as a goal-keeper.

The 28-year old is still Netherland’s first choice as a goal-keeper and that is due to his outstanding ability which is recognized by major European clubs.

Reports suggest that the 3 major clubs that are interested in the goal-keeper namely Liverpool, Napoli and Athletico Madrid.

At this point, the best prospect to bag Jasper is likely to be Liverpool as the 3rd ranked team in the Premier league is looking to win its next season.

The reason as to why these reports are coming out ahead of the summer transfer window is due to the fact that Barcelona have not given the young Jasper any proper chances so far.

However, the Dutchman is still under contract with Barcelona until 2021 so it will be interesting to see how much Barcelona demands to let him go.

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