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The category of technological sport can be categorized into two sections. The first section refers to video games played on a variety of platforms in international competitions; while the second section refers to robotic sports which covers the technological advancement in this particular sporting category. For Tech Games Ranking Click Here

BMI – What Is It?

BMI History: In the 20th century, medical studies began to show a link between weight and an early death. So the Medical Science along with insurance...
Sumail Hassan

Pakistan’s Sumail Hassan Becomes 3rd Highest Earning E-Sportsman

  Pakistani youth enjoys a particular affinity with technology, whether it comes to developing software, hacking, or just playing games on a computer, they are...
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WWE: 5 Superstars Who Revolutionised This Sport

WWE: 5 Superstars Who Revolutionised This Sport WWE is currently one of the highest watched sports on a global scale. However, this was not the case...