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Weightlifting is an athletic discipline in the modern Olympic programme in which the athlete attempts a maximum-weight single lift of a barbell loaded with weight plates.

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Allsportspk Management Radar: IWF Eastablishes Reform & Governance Commission

The first meeting of the IWF Reform and Governance Commission was held with Mr. Darren Charles Kane of Australia selected to start as Chair....

Online Weightlifting Event: Hidilyn Diaz Dominates

Hidilyn Diaz dominantly showed her presence at the 2020 Eleikja International Lifters Tournament, which was sponsored by weightlifting equipment manufacturer Eleiko. In the online event,...

Allsportspk Corruption Radar: IOC Warns Weightlifting May Lose Olympic Spot

A warning signal was given by IOC-International Olympics Committee to IWF-International Weightlifting Federation that there is a strong possibility of weightlifting losing its spot in...

Weightlifting & C’virus: Revised Olympic Qualification System Approved By IOC

The latest Olympic Qualification System approved by IOC-International Olympic Association is the revised System submitted by IWF - International Weightlifting Federation. The revised qualification...
Weightlifting Rankings

World Weightlifting Rankings – 28th April 2020

These Weightlifting rankings are issued by: IWF - Int’l Weightlifting Federation Allsportspk publishes selected section(s) Due to Coronavirus attack the Rankings are not being updated according...

Sports Discipline-Weightlifting: Sanctions Imposed Upon Thai & Malaysian Weightlifting Federations

According to IWF-International Weightlifting Association press release, following hearings and the careful consideration of relevant evidence, the Independent Member Federation Sanctions Panel (IMFSP) has...

Weightlifting: IWF President Tamas Ajan Resigns; Facing Corruption Charges

Tamás Aján after 43 years has resigned as President of the IWF- International Weightlifting Federation. Aján has been involved with IWF since 1976. He...

Weightlifting-Glasgow Championship ’20: Rabia Wins Gold

Rabia Shahzad a weightlifter won gold at Glasgow championship 2020. She is a Pakistani weightlifting champion who also won gold last year at the...

Sports Doping-Weightlifting: Thailand’s Board Dissolved; Inquiry Launched

All members of Thailand’s amateur weightlifting Executive board have been forced to resign en masse from their posts following the revelations about doping practices...

Sports Doping-Weightlifting: IWF Acts Firmly to Restore Reputation

DOHA: In a recent meeting in Doha, IWF Executive Board held an extraordinary meeting and responded to allegations made by a television report...
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