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Football is a highly competitive sport that tests the abilities and fitness of a player while the eleven players of a team attempt to kick the ball with their foot to score a goal in the opposition’s territory. Also known as “Soccer” in some parts of the world, football is the undoubtedly most popular sport in the world.

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Allsportspk-Football World Rankings: As On 20th May 2023 | Top Positions With Argentina &...

These Football Rankings were issued by: FIFA-Fédération Internationale de Football Association. Allsportspk publishes selected information. IMPORTANT The publication date may not conform to the official Ranking...
Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Allsportspk Tech Corner: Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Allsportspk Tech Corner: Mercedes-Benz Stadium Located in Atlanta, Georgia, the Mercedes-Benz Stadium is a multi-reason retractable housetop and at present, it is used as a...

Football: Greatest Player Rivalries Of All Time

Football: Greatest Player Rivalries Of All Time Football has seen various first class players in each period. These players have gone down in the history...

Allsportspk-Football Leagues Updates: 28th To 30th April Matches Overviews

The major European leagues draw to there respective closing stages. Allsportspk reviews and summaries of the Matchday ties played on 28th, 29th and 30th...

Football-2023 Europa League-2nd Leg Quarterfinals: Two Italian; German & Spanish Teams Into Semis

Overview First Leg of second ranked European clubs’ championship quarterfinals were played on 13th and 14th April. The contests were covered by Allsportspk with a...

Football – Manchester United: Greatest Players Of All Time

Football - Manchester United: Greatest Players Of All Time The legendary English club began it's tenure by the name of Manchester United Football Club began...

Allsportspk Spotlight: Top 5 Footballers of the Decade

As the decade goes through we have witnessed some uttermost talents in the football world. The world of football continues to change with new names striking a...

The Under-rated Footballers – 1: Gheorghe “Gică” Hagi

The now 36-year-old has been an integral part of successful teams at both club and international level. At club level, he won all major...

English Premier League: Players Who Scored Most Hat-tricks

Football - Premier League: Players With The Most Hat-tricks A goal is the most wanted result in a match, as that is the ultimate objective...

Allsportspk Inspiration: Disabled People On The Move; Awareness + Integration Needed

The Author: Salman Khalid is a visually impaired college lecturer. Having done his M.Phil. in English literature has represented Pakistan in the International conferences conducted...
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