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Basketball is a sport that’s played by two teams of five players each on a rectangular court. The objective is to shoot the ball through a hoop 18 inches (46 cm) in diameter and mounted at a height of 10 feet (3.048 m) to backboards at each end of the court. The ball is moved down the court toward the basket by passing or dribbling. Each team tried to steal the ball, contest shots, steal and deflect passes, and garner rebounds.

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Basketball-EuroLeague 2019-2020: Season Called Off

Allsportspk - Photo File The management of the EuroLeague has officially announced that the postponed season of the year...

NBA-Kobe Bryant: Legends’ Hand-prints & Uniform Sold At Auction

The hand-prints of the late basketball legend, Kobe Bryant, have been sold at an auction for US $75,000. The hefty amount was...

Basketball World Ranking: 14th April 2020

This Ranking is Issued by: FIBA - International Basketball FederationAllsportspk publishes only selected information Last Ranking Before...

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Basketball NBA 2019-20: Remaining Season Suspended

The NBA - National Basketball Association suspended the remaining season of 2019-20. The dramatic decision was made just before the Thursday game.

Basketball World Ranking: 14th February 2020

Basketball World Ranking: 14th February 2020 This Ranking is Issued by: FIBA - International Basketball FederationAllsportspk...

Basketball Legend-Michal Jordan: Documentary ‘The Last Dance’ Teaser Released

ESPN teased a brief glimpse of upcoming documentary series on the life of basketball legend Michael Jordan.

Allsportspk Health: Body Temperature Before & After Exercise

Ever wondered why players exercise or workout just before they are about to play their big match? Shouldn’t they save their energy and use...
Raptors NBA

Basketball-NBA ’20: Weakened Raptors, Bucks Triumph; Lakers On Top

Toronto Raptors overcame their injury problems to extend their winning streak to 15 games after defeating Minnesota Timberwolves 137-126 in...
Kobe Bryant

Fitting Tribute: Kobe Bryant Honored At Oscars Ceremony

Recently departed NBA legend Kobe Bryant was honored with an emotional tribute at the Oscars ceremony as showbiz celebrities gathered for the biggest awards...


Scrabble Pakistan

Pakistan School Scrabble: Happy Mama Cup 2020

The Pakistan domestic online scrabble circuit has become the hub with various online tournaments being organised at local and international by PSA-Pakistan...
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