Cricket and Baseball may be similar when it comes to hitting the ball with a bat, however, the nature of these two sports are extremely different from each other.

Whether it is the rules, equipment or terminologies, both these sports are different from each other in almost all of the aspects in which they are played.

So, in this article Allsportspk presents you with an in-depth comparison between the two sports that will cover almost all the major aspects involved in these sports.

A Brief History

  • Cricket, A Historical View

Surprisingly, cricket has a history that dates back to the late 16th century. No one knew at that time that a game that has originated from south-east England would become a global sport in the 19th, 20th and now in the 21st century.

The longest format of this game was first played in the 18th century as Test Cricket began in 1844 and was officially recognized in 1877. Long after the era of Test Cricket, came One-day cricket and then came twenty over cricket and a revolution of T20 leagues in the world.

  • Baseball, An Uncertain History

The exact origin of this sport is not known, however, traces of using a bat and a ball go back 2000 years ago to Egypt. But, the real origin of this game came in the mid-19th century.

Baseball was mix of two games, cricket and rounders (A game popular among children and brought to New England by the colonists). And, it was during the time of the American Revolution that this game was properly invented.

Also, the first club of this sport was found in the city of New York and was known as New York Knicker Bocker Baseball Club. But, it was not until 1846 that this game was properly set into the American culture and is now a huge part in the American tradition.

Playing Terminologies

Both games are different in nature and there is no reason as to why their terminologies would not be different. So, apart from one every terminology used in both these games is different.Have a look:

General Term Cricket Baseball
Delivering The Ball Bowler Pitcher
Striker Of the ball Batsman Batter
Person Behind The Striker Wicket-keeper Catcher
Person Who Fields The Ball Fielder Fielder


Differences in Field Shapes

  • Cricket Ground And Pitch

The ground in which cricket is played is an Oval ground and the pitch is a rectangular area in the middle of it. The size of a cricket pitch is about 20.1 meters or 22 yards.

The boundary sizes differ from ground to ground and apart from the two square boundaries of 65 meters no specific distance has been set by the ICC.

  • Baseball Ground And Pitch

A Baseball ground is a diamond-shaped field and this sport is played in a quadrant of fair territory between foul lines.

The minimum distance kept from the far edge of the territory and home plate is about 250 ft while the recommended distance is about 325 ft.


  • Bat

Baseball bats are round and narrow as a batter’s intent is always to hit the ball for a home-run. And, in cricket the bat is wide and flat as a batsman does not intend to hit every ball with the same intensity.

Both bats also vary in size and weight as the intricacies of each sport require them to be.

  • Ball

Baseball uses a much similar ball as cricket with the main difference being the leather which in the baseball’s case is heavily used on the ball.

This also makes it much larger in size than the cricket ball which has a smaller circumference area.

  • Gloves

Apart from the wicket-keeper and the batsmen no other cricket player on the field wears any sort of glove on his hand.

This is not the case for Baseball where it is common to see players wearing a glove on one hand to help them catch the ball.


  • Baseball: It doesn’t get much simpler than this.

Baseball is not a very complicated game as the basic principle is to just hit the ball and score runs against the other team.

While, the other team has to ensure that the batter either doesn’t hit the ball or if he does, then to make sure that he doesn’t score.

  • Cricket: Many factors come into play

Many things have to go right in cricket as per the rules. The batsman has to defend his wickets which are three wooden sticks grounded behind him.

Then depending upon the match’s requirement, he has to score at a certain run rate while also rotating the strike at the same time.


  • Main Aim

Both games have the same aim i.e. to score runs and prevent the other team from scoring more than them. However, the scoring policies are completely different in both games.

  • Scoring in Cricket

In cricket, a batsman has to strike the ball and make a run to the non-striker’s end upon which the other batsman also runs and as both of them switch ends, this constitutes 1 run.

Now, to score more the batsmen can run any amount of times without getting run-out. Moreover, to score more a batsman has to hit a boundary which allots him 4 runs and upon sailing the ball over the boundary he gets 6 runs.

  • Scoring in Baseball

Each player starts from the home plate and their objective to earn the run by running to the next base, after hitting the ball. They have to continue this and finally return to their original position after which a point is earned.

To get an added advantage on the scoreboard a player has to hit the ball in the outfield and this earns him a “home run” which substitutes to 1,2,3 or even 4 runs. But, it all depends on how much runs have been scored on other bases.

How Many Forms Are There In These Games?

  • Cricket

A total of three main formats are a part of this game and more formats are popping its head every now and then.

Every match consists of an over and every over has a total of 6 balls. The frequency of the overs depend on the format of cricket which is being played.

Cricket started from the longest format i.e. Test Cricket that went to almost 4 or 5 days of straight play. However, eventually One-Day Cricket came and as evident by the name, the cricket match is over in 1 day.

Then came the era of T20 cricket in which matches are over in between 4-5 hours.

  • Baseball

This game is played in a series of innings and each of these innings is divided into 2 halves. The team playing on it’s home are always supposed to play defense while their opponents play the role of offense.

Baseball games only last from 2.5 to 4 hours much similar to the time taken for a T20 match to finish.

Geographic Locations and Popularity

Baseball is most popular in America; however, it is also played in countries like Cuba, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Italy and Holland.

Cricket on the other hand is much more popular as it is played by 116 countries and watched by over 2 billion people all around the world.

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