Martial Arts – UFC: Best Pay Per View Cards Of All Time

The UFC has conveyed many pay-per-view fighting events in its renowned history and has displayed various critical minutes and amazing activity. While a portion of the cards have not conveyed in indistinguishable way from others, there are some which have more than compensated for them.

Be that as it may, a few cards have outstandingly been exceptional than others. And, in this article, Allsportspk presents the best pay-per-view fight cards in the history of Ultimate Fighting Championship.

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#5 UFC 202: Diaz vs McGregor 2 – August 20, 2016


UFC 202 was a critical occasion, being the first to be introduced under their new ownership for Morris Endeavor.

The headliner was a Welterweight re-coordinate between Conor McGregor and Nick Diaz. McGregor had lost his past battle with the veteran Diaz at UFC 196, prior in the year.

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McGregor who appeared to be on a constant voyage through UFC’s weight classes, having contended at Welterweight and Featherweight somewhere in the range of 2015 and 2016. By chance, he would then contend at Lightweight in his next UFC session at UFC 205.

There are no superlatives to do the McGregor-Diaz conflict equity. It was a full scale war. McGregor commanded the initial two rounds with kicks and punches, generally keeping Diaz under control until the point that energy started to move as McGregor tired.

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Diaz emptied with a gigantic arrangement of blends and accept downs in the third as McGregor panted for breath as he fortunately made due to bring the session into a fourth round, which made the battle the longest of his profession.

McGregor some way or another got a revitalizing surge of energy and emerged ready to take care of business, making a correct chaos of Diaz’s face as he did as such. The last two rounds saw the combine trade a gigantic measure of hardened strikes and McGregor won through a restricted dominant part choice. It was tight, yet likely the correct outcome.

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Anthony Johnson’s fight with Glover Teixeira didn’t keep going long yet for its 13-second span fascinated the gathering of people. The two traded blows promptly yet Johnson hit more diligently and it’s as simple as that.

Further down the card, Donald Cerrone beat Rick Story. Severe completions were the account of this occasion as Cerrone completed Story with a PC gamesque mix of body shots pursued by a fantastic high kick. Another whirlwind of punches completed Story. What a match this was.

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Mike Perry urged make a big appearance as he crushed Hyun Gyu Lim thumping him down multiple times in barely 200 seconds of activity. In truth, Lim was out on his feet after the primary knockdown and did well to recover his balance. Fierce activity yet ludicrously engaging,

Tim Means beat Sabah Homasi in an enormously noteworthy execution. His secure work was a wondrous thing and he dissected his rival with all the balance of a talented veteran. A star-production show finished when Means at last wrecked Homasi’s face and the referee benevolently halted the slaughter.

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UFC 202 was unadulterated fight through and through.

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