Martial Arts – UFC: Four Less Known Facts About Amanda Nunes

amanda nunes

UFC 232 finished 2018 with a blast, and maybe the greatest story leaving the occasion wasn’t the disputable return of Jon Jones, however the annihilation of the apparently fantastic Cris Cyborg because of Amanda Nunes.

The UFC Women’s Bantamweight champion climbed from 135lbs to go up against Cyborg – who had held the 145lbs title since July 2017 and had not lost since 2005 – and few anticipated that her should discover any achievement, however not exactly a moment into the battle, Cyborg was oblivious and Nunes had her hand raised – turning into a twofold hero all the while.

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Dana White has guaranteed that after the occasion, Nunes will turn into a tremendous star, yet in all actuality there’s a ton about ‘The Lioness’ that fans do not generally know – so here are 4 facts about Amanda Nunes that you might not have known previously.

#4 Rarely Goes The Full Distance

amanda nunes

Nunes’ baffling title battle with Valentina Shevchenko at UFC 215 was generally panned as one of the most exceedingly awful UFC title battles ever, yet looking back maybe that should not have been an amazement. ‘The Lioness’ is basically not used to going all the way in her battles.

Nunes has had 21 battles in her vocation and unimaginably, just 3 of them have gone all the way. That implies around 85% of her battles have finished before the last signal – regardless of whether she’s won or lost.

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Preceding confronting Shevchenko – who has taken her the separation twice – Nunes’ last choice was a misfortune to Sarah D’Alelio before her UFC vocation starting.

More proof of her being a merciless finisher can be found in the way that of her 17 wins, 12 of them have finished in the first round, and unimaginably 5 of them have finished before the one moment check.

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Basically, ‘The Lioness’ is a standout amongst the best finishers in the UFC today, implying that horrible title battle with Shevchenko wasn’t the standard, it was the exemption.

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