Scrabble – WESPA Youth Cup Qualifiers: 80 players Participating

The qualifying tournament to select the Pakistan team for the WESPA Youth Cup (WYC) kicked off at BVS Parsi school today.

About 80 players under 18 years of age are competing for a place in the Pakistan team.

The players are divided into two groups. Division A comprises players that have played in international tournaments in the past. The division B comprises players that have never played an international tournament.

Top ten players from each category will be eligible for Participation in the WYC.

World Scrabble Championship 2018: Niel Keeps Lead; Div. B Pakistan Dominated

According to the Director Youth program of Pakistan Scrabble Association Mr. Tariq Pervez a second division is created in order to give a window of opportunity to new players who may not be able to get selected in the presence of experienced players.
This opportunity will give them a taste of international scrabble and will prepare them for the future

At the end of day one Sohaib Sanaullah was leading the A division with 7 wins and a spread of 669.

Taha Mirza also had 7 wins but was second with a spread of 416 while Hasham Hadi was 3rd with 6 wins and a spread of 597

In division B Sheryar Hassan Khan was leading with 8 wins and a spread of 605.
Ali Wasif also had 8 wins and was lying second with a spread of 450. S. Hammad Hamid was 3rd with 7 wins and a spread of 1212.

Another 9 matches will be played tomorrow and the pakistan team will be announced at the end of 18 rounds

WESPA Youth Cup is the premier youth scrabble tournament in the world. The 2018 edition will be played at Dubai on December 13-15

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