10th National Snooker Championship 2018

The 10th NBP National Snooker Ranking Championship will be held from 5th to 14th August at NBP Sports Complex, Karachi. The Championship is organised by Pakistan Billiards & Snooker Association (PBSA) and sponsored by National Bank Of Pakistan (NBP).

The title defender Asjad Iqbal and all the top cueist of Pakistan will be participating in this event. The players will be divided into groups according to their category from where top 2 will move into knockout round of 16 and the trophy player will compete on for the title on the Independence Day – 14th August.

World Snooker Rankings – 28th July 2018

The PBSA list released on 2nd August includes the following 40 players:

Seeded Players:

  • 1st Seed Muhammad Asif (Pjb)
  • 2nd Seed Muhammad Bilal
  • 3rd Seed Babar Masih
  • 4th Seed Muhammad Majid Ali (Pjb)
  • 5th Seed Muhammad Ahsan Javaid (Pjb)
  • 6th Seed Sultan Muhammad (Sindh)
  • 7th Seed Ali Haider (Pjb)
  • 8th Seed Zulfiqar A. Qadir

The participating players of National Snooker Championship have been placed into 8 groups as follows:

Group (A)

  • Muhammad Asif (Pjb)
  • Agha Bilawal (Sindh)
  • Rashid Mehmood Abbasi (Isb)
  • Ian Mark John (Sindh)
  • Sirbuland Khan (KPK)

Group (B)

  • Muhammad Bilal (Pjb)
  • Shahid Aftab (Pjb)
  • Khurram H. Agha (Sindh)
  • Muhammad Sajjad (Pjb)
  • Shaikh M. Mudassir (Pjb)

Group (C)

  • Babar Masih (Pjb)
  • Sohail Shehzad (Sindh)
  • Muhammad Ijaz (Pjb)
  • Muhammad Umar (Pjb)
  • Imran Shehzad (Pjb)

Group (D)

  • Muhammad Majid Ali (Pjb)
  • Qadeer Abbas (Pjb)
  • Amir Sohail (KPK)
  • Musaddiq Mehmood (Isb)
  • Muhammad Shahbaz (Pjb)

Group (E)

  • Muhammad Ahsan Javaid (Pjb)
  • Aakash Rafique (KPK)
  • Muhammad Imran (KPK)
  • Muhammad Faizan (Sindh)
  • Umair Alam (Sindh)

Group (F)

  • Sultan Muhammad (Sindh)
  • Muhammad Naseem Akhtar (Pjb)
  • Rambail Gul (KPK)
  • Muhammad Asif Toba (Pjb)
  • Abdullah (KPK)

Group (G)

  • Ali Haider (Pjb)
  • Asjad Iqbal (Pjb)
  • Mubashir Raza (Pjb)
  • Haris Tahir (Pjb)
  • Abdul Javaid (Pjb)

Group (H)

  • Zulfiqar A. Qadir (Sindh)
  • Abdul Sattar (Sindh)
  • Farhan Noor (Pjb)
  • Usman Ahmad (Pjb)
  • Sharjeel Mehmood (KPK)

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